writting in your book of shadows?

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Do you need to use a specific ink when writting in your personal book of shadows. I am convirting to wicca but i actually need to wait till graduation before I can truly begin because my mom is uber concervative so right now I am getting together everything i need. I am right now looking to purchase a book of shadow. I had gone to barnes and nobles to just get a journal for everyday use (not as book of shadows) when I saw a book of shadows out of the corner of my eye. as I was reading the leaflet inside it said i needed to use a specific ink to write in it. Is this true. this is the only place I have read this i think.
and i might like twilight but that doesnt mean i am following a trend, believe in vamps or any of that, and at least I am reading a book instead of having one window open to ya looking at random questions so i can just insuult people while i have another window open to porn and sit there continuously looking at both all night because I cant get a date
that was pointed to jared and sofa whatever
I fully accept helpful answers thank you in advance

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There’s your get rich quick scheme: sell spellbooks and journals to underage Wicca trendwhores.
edit: For your information, I watch porn because I don’t want a date, especially if all women are like you.

Sofa King Hairy

Ridiculous rituals, and by the way vampires are not real either.
Your a bitch.

Cheryl E

Some people use bat’s blood or some other ink, but frankly it’s YOUR book of shadows and you should use whatever ink or pencil or crayon or whatever feels right to you. As soon as you start hearing people tell you that you “have to do something this way,” run like hell. You should always do what feels right to you.

Ruth Aravah, JPA

answer: no, you don’t. You can if you wish but it’s not necessary. I know Wiccans with CD BofShadows, 3 ring binder BofShadows. The most common ones are those journals with the blank pages. Most move to the computer or 3 ring because those are more manageable.
Whatever works for you. I would suggest having a pen that you enjoying writing with and use that only for your BofS to make it feel special to you.


I don’t see any reason why you should need a particular ink. It’s not logical to say the ink makes a difference.


Of course you don’t. That’s so silly. Witchcraft shouldn’t be treated like such an exacting science. Wiccans rely heavily on mind power to achieve goals, not on a certain type of ink. Many of the “props” (ritual tools, potions, stones) involved are scams as well.

The Tuesday Chair

We albright in the boot of shallows. when i hide de boot of shallows from my fiends, they all larf at me, but they gummi gib it away .

Rev. TomCat

Don’t know what leaflet you were looking at. I saw absolutely nothing in the Book of shadows, the pages were blank. Maybe invisible ink if you like. Then you will need a black light to view it. It is a journal book, you write your own spells and notes in there. Don’t know for sure. Just my guess and opinion.
Rev. TomCat

Kelly G

God I hate when people have no idea about the facts of one religion and decide to open their mouth and speak stupidity in the name of ones faith. Just advice, if you tend to leave a comment you might want to know if what your saying makes sense. considering there is no Devil nor Hell in the wiccan religion. But good try.
As for your Book of shadows sweetheart. I dont think its etched in stone you have to use a specific kind of ink. I have heard of the use of doves or dragons blood ink But now-a-days people use the internet and such to keep their records. I think you will be fine with what you choose to use for your incantations, rituals and spells. Good luck and Welcome to the world of Wicca 🙂
Blessed Be


None of the Wiccan traditions I know of require any special ink for a Book of Shadows. Most of the time, they focus on the content. However, to be fair, sometimes family traditions make a habit of using certain types of ink, like Dragon’s Blood or Dove’s Blood. I use whatever Black Ink I feel like grabbing, or sometimes the fun gold and/or silver paint pens (pretty pretty).
More important than special ink, if you want to be really witchy, would be to learn about consecration of tools, and consecrate your BOS. I wouldn’t jump into that or any other workings right off the bat, though. Find a traditional teacher and go through the process. It makes you a better person, and after the 3rd Degree study, you’ll be better equipped to go off on your own and do your own thing, or maybe to revive an ancient and nearly forgotten tradition you dig up some info on.
Happy development from Krodin, an old Wiccan Priest, who is now not using the name Wicca but now is more of a Pagan Priest and Student/Occasional Teacher of Mysteries.


The tools you are gathering are just that, tools. They help you focus on what you are doing. Sure, you can buy stuff called Dragon’s blood or Dove’s blood, but the only thing real about them is the herbs put into the ink. You can also make your own ink, adding herbs or oils to enhance the “Power” you are looking for. In the mean time, remember that the BoS is a journal to write down you experiences as you grow in your studies. I have several. One is about the Sabbats, one is about herbal healing and lore and there are still others. The BoS with the leaflet is just a guide to help you get started. It is a guideline on how you might start. I hope this helps.


Not in to the whole BoS thing myself, or Magickal studies, I’m Christian.
That said, a Book sold at B&N is sure to try to encourage snootiness and to try and get you to use expensive materials for most any endeavours you undertake, which most likely will be conveinently on sale at either their store or an affiliate.

Fire Tiger ~{JPA}~

You can write your book of shadows in whatever format, however you want, and add whatever you want. . . don’t bother reading the rude comments, just do what you feel is right.


The Book of Shadows is YOUR book. You can write in it in any color ink you want. The idea that you use specific pens, or inks, is to create consistencey. Many people choose to type out their book, and print out the pages…this too is acceptable. It’s yours, and really, you are the only one who is going to read it.


If you feel the need, make or buy Ink and a Quill.
Performing Ritual Actions always slows one down, causes Focus.
We have a Class in Magickal Ink, Quills, Paper-Making, and Book-Binding, but for right now, you should just write down your ideas in a Format of Pencil, and Three-Ring paper for a Journal.
You WILL find later, that some of the pages are good, and some you will want to get rid of——-Pencil is best, as you will make mis-spellings, and they need to be corrected before you copy anything from your Journal, to your B.O.S.
The main focus of Wicca, and any Religion, is about study ( or should be! ), so keep all your School supplies!
With the advent of the Modern World, I have developed Ink which is used in re-charging your Printer cartridge, and Calligraphy felt pens.
Also, work on which Alphabet you plan to Work in. We use a modified Runic, with Titles in Ogham….it works well enough for our purposes, as you will find that the Wiccan Wheel of the Year contains 4 Celtic Festivals, and 4 Norse Festivals, so we alternate the Format.
Have fun!

Enchanted Gypsy

You not need a special ink (that is ridiculous), you don’t even need to use paper! For many years my BoS was kept in a loose leaf binder. But my writing os so poor that even I can’t read it. My BoS is kept o a “jump drive” for my computer. It is easy to keep organized and find what I want.
Your BoS is really nothing more than a journal of your experiences, successes and failures, recipes and spells. It does not have to be a leather bound picture of perfection.

Wicked Warrior

The best ink to use is water proof, fade proof, dries quickly, and doesn’t bleed through to the other side of the page. I saw a few other people mention it, Staples is a great place to go to start your BOS. Any notebook will do. I’ve found a good cycle to go through is to use that notebook till it’s done, type the thing up, and then use some nice stationary, put the pages inside plastic sheets and a three ring binder. It gives you a chance to go over and review things a few times before placing them in your final work.
Good luck to you.
Dance to the rhythm of Fire

ashley purdy

i agre compleatly with Kelly G, your life is your own and so is your path of destany. Prepare your self though, even though America is ment to hold many religions, only a select few are exepted.
**You should choose what ever seems right to you, pen, pencil, marker, charcol, ect… also dont let anyone tell you how to do things, its up to you.
Chooesing to become an Earth Witch like my self or Wiccan/ Pagan Witch (same), in doing so you are taking you first few steps on the Right Path. But be warned, the Left Path is much different. It will seem to be full of mysteries and also seem to almost call you, seem to call the once tamed dark side of you. but stay on the Right Path and you shall be fine.


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