Writing a Book of Shadows?

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I’m wanting to write a book of shadows from a Christian perspective. Why? Because I kind of like the idea, but I’m not Wiccan. Basically it would have advice about life and other things maybe recipes or a little alternative medicine. The only problem is I don’t want to do it alone. How would I get people to help me?
@Lady Morgana: love you name btw, I’m looking for something I can pass to my children. Something that gives advice to them about their lives, yet allows me to get through mine now also, I’m not going to lie, my family has a long history in astrology, herbs, and signs. I’ve been intrigued by it my whole life, I’ve studied it, played around with it, and I love studying other people’s religions. It enables me to stay connected better with the people around me. My family is devoutly Christian, and not modern Christian, we like to stick strictly to the religion, so we’re open minded but old fashioned at the same time. My great grandmother used to get visions, no one else in our town knew how she did it, but she did. So we’ve kept up with the explanations behind them. We don’t buy into very many modern explanations pertaining to metaphysics and the spiritual, they just don’t make sense some times.

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I am a Satanist and have my own Book of Shadows. However I believe the Christians already have their own Book. I believe its called ‘The Bible’?

Yotser Bereshi th

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Wicked Warrior

I like your idea. I would say ask people for recipes they have that help things. Like Grandma’s chicken soup. It’s not just the end product that is helping here. When done properly even the most mundane tasks (chopping veggies) can have effect.

Lady Morgana

I suppose you can call it whatever you want to, but I am curious as to why you want to use a very Wiccan term. A BOS is something, as you said, that Wiccans, as well as non-Wiccan Witches like myself, use to keep track of whatever is important to her, like recipes, spells, rituals, etc. It is a very personal book and is much like a journal.
It is generally not done “with” others per se, although there are no hard and fast rules about it, and people share their ideas freely.
Anyhow, put in it whatever moves you in your spirituality and your life. That’s all the guidance you really need. Recipes, songs, prayers, all those things that seem important to you. A BOS is somewhat like a journal. But Witches wrote them in secret during the Burning Times, and they were kept hidden from those who would have killed the one possessing one, thus the name Book of Shadows.
So again, I am curious…why use the term Book of Shadows?
Lady Morgana

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!

If you want to write such information to be passed to your children, then just do it. I have no idea what sort of “help” you’re even expecting. Put pen to paper and write. But don’t call it a Book of Shadows. That’s not what a BoS is. Quite frankly, I think that cheapens your entire plan, makes it look like you want it to be something it is not, and joining in on a fad that has nothing to do iwth what you’re actually doing.


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