Home Discussion Forum writers magic or magick?

writers magic or magick?

which spelling do/would you use
me magick.


  1. i’ve always used magic in my life…but magick seems way more awesome…and from some faraway place…that’d be cool

  2. Ugh. Sorry, I find the spelling “magick” incredibly pretentious unless you’re referencing Aleister Crowley. It’s an Early Modern English term, and like many other terms, has changed so that “magick” is no longer the correct spelling. I don’t like “unique” or “archaic” spellings in general (like people who spell “vampire” vampyre” for example). Just use the term that is accepted today, unless, as I said, you’re making a reference to Crowley. I mean, I don’t go around using “thine”. The term “magick” is equally antiquated in my opinion.


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