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Wouldn't it be awesome to share consciousnesses? Is there a point where my consciousness meets yours?

And they overlap? *If so, how is that overlap related to awareness*? If you think about our material/physical bodies overlapping it kind of reminds me of love-making…is the process of two consciousnesses merging into one a sort of spiritual/soul level act of love? (or am I just totally rambling nonsense, lol!)


  1. My boyfriend is a monster of a man. Huge, heavily tattooed, scares most people half to death. He is afraid of the things he’s pretty sure goes on in my tiny little red head. We’ve been together 11 years now and he still jumps if he doesn’t hear me and I’m suddenly right next to him. He’s not too far off in that fear either. The strangest, most horrifying things pop into my head, completely unwanted. Trust me, no one wants in here with me. Hell, I scare ME sometimes.
    But I do kind of know what you’re talking about. I’ve always wished I could see inside a “normal” woman’s head and see what it’s like to be preoccupied with kicky high heels instead of chunky boots and floral prints instead of camo or black. It’s a foreign concept to me. I’m just afraid the other wench would be so traumatized she’d never recover.

  2. Consciousness is itself shared, it is its very nature, to be totally conscious is to be aware of all that exist as one unit in one go; communion and transaction in all its vibrancy and immediacy will be the order of the day, then.

  3. No, I don’t think you are rambling. I think you have hit on something profound. The way I see the distinction of Spirit, Soul, Body, and Mind, is that humankinds conscious mind, is our Spirit in expression, and our subconscious mind is our Soul in expression, and our body is the manifestation of our Spirit / conscious mind acting and directing our Soul / subconscious mind, which produces our body, and our body of affairs, in the physical world. I see our Soul / subconscious mind as not really individual to ourselves, but is actually one Mind, expressing as us. To use an overly used example, I believe we, and our minds, are like waves in an ocean, where the top of the wave can be seen as our individual selves, while the part of the wave that is joined with the rest of the ocean, is our subconscious mind, while the ocean is the universal Mind. As the universal mind pushes up, into, and as a wave, it “differentiates” Itself as us. So, in essence we all do share consciousness, via our Soul / subconscious mind. My subconscious mind, as it melts into the universal Mind, mixes with other subconscious minds. There is SO much more we could talk about in regards to the Soul / subconscious mind, that relates to what your question is asking about, but for want of time, and space.
    I really appreciate your question, and I honor the level of Spirit and Soul that it comes from within you.
    Peace and Namaste!

  4. As yet this is super rare as we have a constructed ‘Me’ an imagined self. sense of what we are, who we are that is very difficult to dismantle because the ego is continually fed more and more thought forms of who we think we are. So our consciousness is limited by the sense of ‘Me’. Our consciousness doesn’t live through reality it lives through a mind made sense of who we think we are, and because of this its almost impossible to meet up with another human being on a real level, we meet up like actors in their own plays, seeking to strengthen our sense of self through the interaction with another person.
    Firstly of course there is the woman/man construct and all that entails and then on top of that there is a life time of conditioning and add on, pop ups ha ha that come and go as we talk and relate to one another. A conditioned response, I think the worst of these is how we make up yet more false information about somebody because of how they look, what sex they are and some.
    Having said that , when we become aware of these false ego relationships it is possible to connect on a deeper level but as yet it is very very rare. All it takes is a moment of reality when we stop filtering what our senses are saying to see perhaps that we are so much more than the collection of cra p we think we are

  5. I am just beginning to understand the nature of the Astral Light. The astral light or lower Ether is full of conscious and semi-conscious and unconscious entities; this includes us as well as invisible entities. It is in the Astral Light that our thoughts/consciousness is shared. Love making? I don’t know… the light is full of every memory past and future, both good and bad images are input and received out of it. It is the “memory” of God so to speak and is what the clairvoyant, etc. tap into for past/future knowledge. It is the foundation for Karma as well.

  6. .
    Such an inspired question. I am always so delighted when I see a question that tells me that someone else also believes that certain experiences are possible.
    Yes this can happen. I have experienced my spirit merging with another. The person was not present at the time.
    It was an experience of extreme bliss, there was also a visual experience going on in my mind of intertwining strands of colours of pink and blue. It was as if the strands of colour and light were dancing and intertwining with each other. And some part of me felt and knew without doubt that these colours represented each of us on a much deeper level. I was not aware of my body while this was going on. It was a blissfully loving experience.
    This was not full merging of consciousness, as there was only myself and one other involved , but it was definitely a merging at some level that was not physical. A soul/spirit level I believe. A different level of consciousness.
    I have only experienced it once in my lifetime and it was a very profound experience. It wasn’t sought, and just happened out of the blue one morning. The other person was a deeply spiritual person and this may have had some bearing as to why I was able to experience it with him, even though he was not present at the time.
    And yes, it did feel a great deal like love-making, a spiritual/soul level act of love. But with the feelings of bliss, merging and inter-connectedness magnified 1,000 times.
    In fact, from that moment on, I always felt that my body weighed me down and got in the way during loving intimate moments. I longed to be free of it and intertwine weightlessly in the way that I had experience on that one solitary occasion.
    Maybe these sort of experiences are given, to give as small tasters of how blissful shared consciousness can be.
    I’m not too sure how it relates to awareness. Maybe they are small windows that help to awaken our awareness further. Showing us aspects other than the physical …

  7. We share reality, that in itself is just like sharing consciousness. Its all matter of the degree of relation one has with another.

  8. Great things are in the spirit when truth welcomes this in process consciousness is its companion and as you have said a type of love beyond then flesh,
    for the real is Spiritual and earthly
    and both,
    they are not the same kind of love
    For when word in hope opens the door by natural awareness and truth seals in love of the who the conscious is/are aware and from their the sky is the limit as lovers on a moon light day. Nakedness, no covering is needed (Spiritual speaking), for his consciousness is both their face if one is not faith full of the spiritual love, lacking has ensue, this will close loves door in the air of meet.
    God is good when in spirit and truth in becoming one language of love as our focus.
    All we need is love in the name with his name and the beloved knowledge makes a couple. Is not something you try but you live……. the lover of truth.

  9. In a sense, don’t you think this happens when communicating with someone? After enough communication, one person can seem to understand the other person’s consciousness, their perspective, how the might react, etc.
    That is an interesting aspect of modern technology, too. You can have a connection or relationship to anothers consciousness without having a physical one.

  10. Yes and no.
    Yes, if it is of the same spirit.
    Necessary for communion and testing the spirit.
    No, If it is not of the same spirit.
    An obstacle/distraction from seeking YHWH.
    Only those of the same spirit shall be one in spirit.
    There are two spirits. That of God and that of lucifer.

  11. Most people don’t give much thought to things like consciousness, perception, or their relationship to reality. These concepts are frightening to them because they don’t understand. What I find interesting is that most people don’t understand the concept of attraction either, but are not afraid of it even though it often creates great pain for them.
    Have you ever closely examined why you believe what you believe or why you feel what you think you feel? You may be amazed when you discover that you didn’t choose your favorite color, favorite meal, or even the physical traits that you find attractive in a mate. You are aware of your preferences, but you did not consciously choose any of them. All of these things are hard-wired into your brain.
    So the question is, what are you? What is consciousness or self awareness? Am I a single entity or is there something within me that allows me to examine myself? Who am I talking to when I converse with myself?
    These are all very valid questions. I find self-awareness a very fascinating concept, particularly as it relates to interaction with others. Adding the dimension of the “not-self” to the equation introduces some interesting paradoxes.
    To answer your question, very little of whom you are today is of your own engineering. Our egos afford us the luxury and indulgence of the illusion of being the architects of our lives. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We didn’t choose the time period in which we were born our gender, race, genetic gifts, or the influences in our lives and these things 100% affect the options that are presented to us. Consequently, the less self-aware you are, the more your consciousness appears to be shared with others or “collective.”
    A hive mentality or collective consciousness may work well for things that are not capable of independent thought, but for an entity that posses imagination nothing but misery will ensue.


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