Would you vote for someone who believes in the Myth? The God Myth? For someone who believes in "nothing"?





For example anyone who says they believe in God are idiots looking for political gain from a population whose majority espouse the same idiocy….Means nothing except to each other’s ego….. but we all know that prayer and the so-called, spiritual “helping hand” are mere tools of a non knowledge based people who fail to exercise their intellect because it has been stunted by religion and the philosophy of “Stupidism”, aka: The Stuporstitious Believer!
The attempt to use the words “Gospel Truth and hilarious” in the same sentence is a conundrum. I would like to hear the writer’s definition of either. I think words are too often used without understanding….
We might not have a lot of intelligences but we are not *****’s…What the hell does that mean? Are you at a loss for the right words?
Oh you hit “answer” instead of “This Jerk doesn’t know how to answer a philisopical query./.
Hallucinations are real in the minds of those who have them…and God too is real in the mind of those who have”found” him but really god answering prayer is as much a myth as god….for every prayer you can say was answered I can tell you thousands and thousands more that were not because prayer is only answered by people who have the ability to answer a prayer..A dentist can answerr prayer when you have a toothache, a doctor, an infection, you mom’s tweezers to withdraw a splinter….but you can dance all day and all night in a month of Sundays and the rain might never come……..or the towers might never fall or the astronauts might never come home again why? the power of prayer of course…is rediculous and if you persist is deluding yourself you will fail to climb the mountain of knowledge and find the only truth that can set you free…knowledge!


  1. I have no political gain as a believer. In fact, I’ve found quite the opposite: I am unpopular, unloved, been told I was a fanatic, called crazy, have had my life threatened and widely am hated if I simply mention that I believe in God. Here’s the irony: I used to be an atheist/agnostic… I spent half my life that way. Becoming a believer is the biggest surprise to me that’s happened in my whole life, and I am forty. I have always considered myself an intellectual. I am bookish and have been since I was a child. My favorite books are things like “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” by Mark Twain, and “Don Quixote” by Cervantes. Twain and Cervantes offer brilliant political satire. I have been a fan of politics and political ideology since I was eleven, but I have no desire to run for office. I merely care about the machinations of politics and the societal ideology on which politics should ideally run.
    There are many other things which I enjoy: I love language, and can speak Spanish, I love journalism and truthful accurate reporting, I love the law, I love literature, writing, history, astronomy, biology, art, and music just to name some.
    Certainly, there are people more intelligent than I am. But I am using myself as an example of one of many, many believers in the world who have an intelligence quotient that hovers somewhere above “idiocy” and “stupidism”. I say this not to be mean or critical. I say this to get you to think again about the pople on the “other side” of this issue from yours.
    I want to tell you that I didn’t come into faith by some great spiritual experience. Nor by brainwashing. I always attended church with a heart ready to expose charlatans. I can promise you that this is the truth! And you know something, I am going to stay that way! Nevertheless, (and I know here’s the part where you’re going to disbelieve me), I became a believer anyway! But it took God Himself to convince me. No MAN could do it. And yes, God has answered my prayers. However, I know you would assert that circumstance and coincidence provided the “answers” to my prayers. So until the day you meet God, we are at an impasse. But I still rejoice, because I know that day will come! And in that day, you will be my brother!
    The interesting thing about becoming a believer is that my intellect did not have to be laid aside in order to believe. I still am the same person with the same background and interests. I still love language, and poetry, and science, and knowledge.
    I know you may not believe me, but God IS real. And He does answer prayers. He loves you 100% without exception. The most beautiful thing will be when some day you see that for yourself with your own heart, and mind and eyes. When no man convinces you, but God Himself merely lovingly shows you, it won’t matter what theology you agree with or don’t. It won’t matter if you are labeled. It won’t even matter if you are attending church or not. Once you know Him, no one can either take Him away from you or validate Him to you.
    By the way, if I’ve come off in any way superior or arrogant sounding, I am sorry. I really don’t want to do that. I will admit that I started to answer this question because it made me angry to be classified as “stupid”, or an “idiot” or mesmerized into a “stupor” by theology. But I am sorry for that attitude! I just really hope you think again about what you’ve said here. And I’ll say again, I’m sorry! I am not a perfect representative of God. But I did just want you to know that categorizing all Christians or indeed all believers of any faith as “idiots” is not right. It’s no more correct than saying that all liberals think the same way. Or that all liberals are brainwashed. Or all atheists are have merely espoused their own anti-theology from Darwinism and/or the Theory of Evolution, and so they are brainwashed! I can not label you fairly because I don’t know you! Besides brainwashed carries the ugly and wrong connotation that you cannot think for yourself and come to rational conclusions. In this short exchange on Answers, I can only ascertain this much: You seem quite intelligent. Your words are spelled correctly, and your sentences have good structure and logical flow. While I don’t agree with your conclusions, I still don’t consider you an idiot. And I really hope that you don’t consider all believers idiots. Many of our founding fathers, and great thinkers throughout history were also believers. Faith and intelligence are not mutually exclusive. Sir Isaac Newton was a believer, as was Albert Einstein, just to name two.
    Anyway, I am rambling. I am sorry for whomever or whatever turned you so strongly against believers. That makes me truly sad. I know a lot of believers who have no trouble in being friends with and caring about people who don’t believe in God. I hope you have a good evening!

  2. I would only vote for someone professing to be Christian.
    And pray that they act that way. A christian isn’t an idiot, they are believers in the eternal life of Christ.

  3. Really those are the facts? I find the way you present your assumptions to be the gospel truth, quite hilarious.

  4. Meanwhile, the worshipers of the great God Logic, sit and exercise one half of their brains, completely ignoring and denying the other half, the intuitive and creative side…
    So, then I guess that would make them a half-wit, which I guess would put them half-up on the “The Stuporstitious Believer”.

  5. Not everyone who claim to be Christians are — I would vote for anyone who lived the life of a Christian privately as well as publically. I would adamantly NOT vote for anyone who called it a God-myth, so I really hope youa ren’t running forfr anything!

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