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Would you think a friend known only a year was a con-artist if you suspected her of sueing medical practioners

and had 3 cracked windshields in 8 months? Everywhere she goes something (according to her) is not right. From the car wash to her bank-she says the bank is taking her automatic deposit and not posting it on time and making her have –balances.Something about the windshields is suspicious. She has had serious problems with every hospital and urgent care in the county. She has the same doctor my husband has and told the doc to change my husbands meds?? She even wrote out a diet plan for the drs. nurse.Here’s the problem, I don’t want to think I’m stupid but she is covering all this by a so-called spiritual awakening and spews bibical verses and talks about holiness –is this a cover up or is the old gal really trying –she has asked for loans but no go for this country girl.Her boyfriend listens in on all her phone conversations now and I really want to believe and give her the benefit of the doubt but I need some input????


  1. I wouldn’t get too close with this “friend”.
    She sounds like a chronic complainer who has the fortunate coincidences of bad things happening to her which can result in frivolous lawsuits and legal action for possible monetary gain.
    A slip and fall on your stairs might be next on her list.

  2. Something is seriously wrong with that person. She obviously has some kind of SEVERE complex, and you need to cut ties with her immediately. It will spill out into your friendship eventually.
    If you want, try and get her some pro help.

  3. I think you need a new friend. I think that person have some serious issues that she need to take care of. If i were you, i’ll stay away from her. If you’re asking this question there then somewhere in your head you’re thinking that you should find a new friend. So yea, stay away from the girl. Well, good luck

  4. It sounds like she has some sort of mental illness. If I were you, I would stay away from her. No matter if she’s crazy or criminal, she sounds like trouble. Find some new friends. Good night!

  5. I absolutely agree that this person sounds mentally unstable. And the likelihood is that she will turn on you, and you will be the next target.
    Run like hell. And lock the door behind you.


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