Would you say the energy that transforms the Spirit into flesh and blood is magical?

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Just what sort of energy is this, this energy of creation?

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No. I would say it is mythical, not magical.


There is no such transformation. It is superstition.


I think the Desire to Create is the very definition of “magic”.

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It’s magical if you want it to be.
Then again, if it is the energy of creation, then there would be no difference between spirit and flesh other than our own perceptions. Ultimately, spirit and flesh would be comprised of the same thing.


………..a faith….a belief…. that’s true for the believer….only…
Its pointless to question this ‘magic’ that’s so personal to every believer


I would say it is magical….and I think the energy is love.


I would say it’s natural.


In the animated game, Monsters Inc., it is called primordial ooze, something that must be collected in order to destroy the nerves (evasive, playful troublemakers); the allegory here is quite strong. In actuality it is best described as neither spirit nor matter, but both, becoming substance on the plane of the manifested universe, an illusion, while it remains a principle in the beginningless and endless abstract, visible and invisible space. This unknown absolute, the aggregate totality of all aspects of good and evil, is for man the only logical point of origin of all existence, and for man becomes problematic only when named and personified according to man’s image. In other theology it is referred to as unmanifested fire; not really ether, though similar as an agent from which all else finds form, but refined to the point of lonely purity.

Veers த‌மி‌ழ்

As per quantum physics wave particle duality shows that the energy wave is manifesting itself as particle sometimes at its will. Reason behind is not known yet.
That can be correlated to your question also that energy is transforming into flesh and blood. This is secret of creation itself!


Blessings to you. The human body is the most marvelous, fantastic and complex machine in the universe. This is because it was made in the image of the Creator and reflects Yahweh-Elohim’s spiritual embodiment (Gn. 1:26). David said: “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul know right well (Ps 139:14). The human body is a physical reflection of the soul and the various physiological operations of the body are reflections of the soul’s or spiritual body’s operations.
Within this bio-machine, the creator Elohim imbued or programmed intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge within the cells of the body that makes them perform their specific operation and causes them to self-repair, self-heal, and self-reproduce. There is no machine made by man that comes close to duplicating these functions.
Man with all his advanced technology can approximate some of the functions of the body, such as sight through a camera lens and hearing through voice recognition in computer software, but these mechanized senses are on a primitive level in comparison with the Yahweh-created senses of the human body. This proves that mankind cannot improve upon Elohim’s works.So we know that this same energy of creation is the Power of God Holy Spirit.God is the only one that could have done this beautiful work in us to up hold His majestic power as a great creator of the Universe of the seen and un seen things. Great and interesting question.


Divine, not magical… magical is something conjured… Divine is Holiness…. ponder this… first in the Spiritual… …what is then manifested … as an explosion of life, expressed… in the physical realms…


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