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Would you say Buddhist veneration of the Buddha is similar to how a Catholic venerate Mary?

Not as a deity, not worshiped, but highly honored and respected and blessed.


  1. I can relate to that. Buddha was a real man, never worshiped as a deity but honored. The Blessed Virgin Mary a real woman that gave birth to a Divine Person, never worshiped but honored.
    The Buddhist have statues of Buddha, but they are considered memorials, Catholics have statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary considered memorials.
    To bad Fundamentalist don’t understand the difference from devotion and adoration.

  2. Even more so
    It is only in the west people have the misconception only Deities are prayed to Not only are Buddhas prayed to Bodhisattva’s are prayed to also
    The Sutra Of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha
    Page 18 of 44
    “Furthermore O Samantavipula if in the future any evil people together with evil deities or evil demons should observe that a good man or a good woman takes refuge in “WORSHIP” and praises and pays obeisance to the image of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha and if they should act wrongly to ridicule and slander him or her asserting such action to have no merit or virtue or benefit and if these same evil people either laugh with their teeth exposed or object behind his or her back persuade others to object together or if there is any objection whatsoever by one person or by many people or if such a person or people have even just one single thought of ridicule or slander such scorners shall as their retribution for this ridicule and slander fall into avici hell and remain there until the Nirvana of one thousand Buddhas in the Bhadrakalpa constantly receiving extremely severe punishment in addition even that kalpa will have to elapse before such scorners will be able to enter even the path of hungry ghosts another thousand kalpas will have to elapse before before they can enter the path of animals finally still another thousand kalpas will have to elapse before they will be able to enter the path of human beings However even as human beings they are bound to be poor indigent low and mean deficient in some bodily organs and severely knotted mentally by evil karma so that they will surely always to continue to fall onto one evil path of existence or another
    “So you see Samatavipula it is bad enough to ridicule and slander others donations and sincere “WORSHIP” but it is much worse indeed to breed wicked views that seek to bring about the destruction of the Buddha Dharma

  3. No. Mary was the source of human material that made up Jesus Christ. All childrens’ cells come from their mothers once the egg divides. Jesus was human AND divine. That made Mary human AND divine, but not quite in the same way of course. Mary brought into the world, as a human being, God himself. That is a profound notion that some folks just can’t grasp. And they aren’t supposed to grasp it. Keep your grimey hands off that mystery!!
    Buddha isn’t comparable in any way shape or form. Neither is the worship of Buddha to be compared with the worship of Mary. Just the same, you cannot compare the worship of Mary to the worship of Jesus Christ. Don’t be afraid to use the word worship, it is a multi-layered English word. Let’s not get bogged down in literalist BS. But take the Bible literally as does the Catholic Church. Mary is unique. There is NO ONE comparable. And neither is the worship of the now divine Mother of God.
    Mary’s obedience is the source of great mystery as well; it is to be emulated and we pray to her and worship the very ground she walks on because of her God-given grace that is not incomplete in any way shape or form. She was sinless. She bore us the Lamb of God. Her cells are his. Pure, without stain. They are in heaven. Read St. John’s revelation. She will be back!
    Mary told us to obey Jesus, and she knew what she was talking about. When you follow that advice, whether you like her or not, you are following her. She was the original, and the rest of us are second hand. You cannot get away from that. Her obedience is the primary example for all Christianity, whatever your expression of that faith. It is to be honored by other Judeo-Christian faiths, Islam and Judaism. Do you think today’s Jewish leaders or Muslim faithful despise Mary? Heck no! They probably don’t weigh in on Buddha though. Buddha was singularly gifted in his guidance of mankind through the gift of intellect, insight and discipline. But he was not Mary, or more importantly, Jesus Christ.
    Catholic veneration of Mary is a launch pad to accepting the love of her son Jesus. It may be because it’s easier to emotionally to love a “mother” than God Made Man in the minds of many until you really come to the full realization of what Christ did for us all. Once you do realize what Christ did, saying that you worship the ground that Mary walks on is no biggie. The Father knows all, and remember, it was He who sent Gabriel to Mary. So I’m kinda thinkin’ he’s OK with Mary worship and is a little upset at Marynoia.
    In the meantime, Mary is a shining beacon of light, leading us to the shepherd. Get on your knees and greet her as she was greeted in Scripture (the Catholic prayer called Hail Mary). Say the Rosary as often as you can; it is the finest way to contemplate the Gospels of Jesus Christ (and similar to Buddhist beads, it has a tangible tool).
    And look up art depicting Mary with humble gratitude. Buddha is his wildest dreams would never have imagined statues of his self, but Mary, shoot, NO ONE has been the subject of more timeless art than her. But when you worship Mary with prayer or gratitude, remember that as the ark of the new covenant, we cannot ever fully understand the mystery she is involved in. And we don’t have to if we follow her example. Obedience can send a Buddhist on his camel, straight through the eye of a needle and into Heaven. Mary has appeared many times to us from her heavenly realm, Buddha does not do that either. The message of Fatima is still active today, right now, in the battle against the politically oppressive dogmas that shut out the love of Jesus Christ. Get up to speed on that.

  4. Mary was, by all means, an extremely holy and blessed woman who conceived the saviour of the world but keep in mind that, genetically, Jesus Christ was no different from any one of us when he was on earth. if it were so, it wouldn’t have been a fair sacrifice. therefore there was nothing extraordinarily holy about mary’s genetical material either and she died just as any other holy woman of God – awaiting her reward in the last day
    At the moment she is no more than dust and, as the Bible clearly says, “the dead know nothing”. Furthermore, for anyone that has studied the Bible to an acceptable degree to rationally call themself a Christian, it would be obvious that the worship of Mary is in breach of the first commandment of God;
    “I am the lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other Gods before me.”
    Catholic veneration of Mary, rather than being a launch pad to accepting the love of her son Jesus, is in obvious breach of God’s second commandment.
    “You shall not make for yourself a carved image-any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For i, the Lord your God am a jealous god’.
    Is not the timeless, unchanging law of God a more solid rock to base your faith on than man-made traditional doctrines such as St. John’s revelation?
    Good luck in finding the truth 🙂


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