Home Discussion Forum Would you read the book I'm writing? ?

Would you read the book I'm writing? ?

Also what genre would my book be classified as? Any suggestions on how to make the book better?
A woman named Anna who has just lost her job has always wanted to take a trip to Pompeii. When she arrives in Italy she starts to have very strange vivid dreams and when she’s about to tour Pompeii she has a vision of what can only be assumed as a look into the past.
Weirded out and scared out of her wits Anna looks for answers. Can the answers lie with the old man that she feels such a strange connection with, the woman outside of the Pompeii tour that took her hand and spoke Italian to her or is she just going crazy?
The woman who turns out to be a psychic brings answers to light and guides Anna through past life regressions that reveal that Anna had lived in Pompeii at the time of the eruption.
And when Anna sees a portrait the old man had made of a woman that looked mysteriously like her in her former life the questions of why she felt such an attraction to him all made sense. Anna forms a very intimate love relationship with the old man and has never been happier in her life.
Until Low and behold Mt. Vesuvius erupts yet again and leaves Naples in a state of panic.The horror of the volcano erupting again while Anna is there leaves her confused going back and forth experiencing the eruption in 79 AD and the one in 2008. Anna’s new found friends and herself are lead to safety but the old man might not have been so lucky.
Has she really lost her soul mate after she just found him… again?


  1. I think i would read it!
    it sounds REALLY good and like something i would like
    as for genre i think mystery.
    Well message me if you get in published

  2. Yeah I’d be able to read it, then again, I’m a bad person to ask. I love to read and as long as the genre is not romance, then I gladly read just about any bookl.

  3. I dont know the genre….
    it’s a good idea for a story but you need to extend your vocabulary because right now it seems really boring, although i like the idea or the story


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