Home Discussion Forum Would you reach a higher state of consciousness if..?

Would you reach a higher state of consciousness if..?

I poured ice down your back or if i knocked you out?
LOL it was a joke


  1. If you poured ice down my back I would scream and run away….If you knocked me out I would have a roaring headache….
    Nope, I don’t see anything spiritual in either one…q :

  2. If there were consciousness while knocked out, it wouldn’t be “you” because it’s not your identity that experiences and maintains the consciousness.
    And we generally call that a lower stage of consciousness…

  3. Probably!!!
    It’s fun to Laugh.
    You ascend up into the Spiritual REALM
    just by Reading the BIBLE.
    That’s all, so simple.
    JESUS is LIGHT too.
    The LIGHT drive’s out the Darkness.
    All you have to do is Read your BIBLE, JESUS (The Word of GOD) (LIGHT) is in there.
    So simple.

  4. you could not do either of these things to me!and i know it is a joke.but the ice would be nice for it is hot in hell!lol


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