would you rather have a psychotic episode or a psychic attack?why..?

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The former.
Because Psychic attacks..especially by the CIA are really nasty. Talk about messing with your mind.


What is a psychic attack? Its sounds like make-believe.


psychic attack. at least then you know it’s coming from the outside and not just your sanity degrading.


I don’t know, but the voices in my head will surely tell me.


This wood depend on wats the flavor of the psychotic epi-sodee and who is the psy-chic attacking. Now the wild cherry epi-sodee hain’t bad, but the lemon is two sour.
As fur the psy-chic, iffen she were reely gud lookin then I say, sure. Iffen she were ugly and fat, then I musta half to ponder it a smiggen.


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