Home Discussion Forum Would you rather have a crystal ball or a time machine?

Would you rather have a crystal ball or a time machine?

Would it be more advantagious to see into the future or be able to go back in time?


  1. It would depend on whether on believes that time is static or not. In other words, can you see future events and then change the present to prevent certain things from happening? If so, crystal ball, definately.

  2. It would be much more fun and profitable to go back in time but you risk altering the timeline so it is safer to see into the future.
    I would love to see just 1 day into the future if I could see the stocks or sports page.

  3. Time machine. I’d like to be able to live an event and feel, hear, smell and touch what is around me. However, I would try to be careful to just be content to be an observer, and not a full participant. Changing the past would no doubt have consequences that I might not like…

  4. Absolutely a time machine!! H.G. Wells’ time machine could go forwards or backward in time. Great book BTW. As is all of H.G. Wells’ writings!
    This question has a time machine limited to going back in time and a crystal ball seeing the future. I personally believe we are all capable of seeing the future if we pay attention to current events and the past. History really does repeat itself on all levels. In our personal lives and nationally.
    Going back in time, how cool would that be!! I often wonder what it would be like for someone use to today’s technology to travel back in time and have to light a lantern to see by instead of flip a switch. Or even silly things like going into the diner that Colonal Sanders started making chicken in. Tasting what would become a national icon. What about going into the first McDonald’s on opening day?
    I think the best would be to go back in time and meet a great (great) grandparent. To see what they were like. What their laugh sounded like, their mannerisms were. How much of their traits and characteristics came down through the generations.
    We never knew my grandfather, but my brother walks like him, smiles and even laughs like him . . . well according to my grandmother. My brother use to always startle her when she wasn’t paying attention and she’d hear him talk, or see him walking down the street. In her later years, when her mind was beginning to fail and she’d see my brother she’d always call him by my grandfather’s name.
    It would be extremely hard not to travel back in time and change things. It’s really interesting how the smallest thing can cause HUGE ripples in the future. By changing something you think would prevent a great tragedy, you’ve caused a ripple affect that caused many more tragedies. I could even meet my mother as a teenager and casually say to her “well you like jerks.” Suddenly I’d vaporize into non existance because my mother may have thought differently when she met my father in her twenties. LOL
    I’m starting to question/wonder if the memories of our ancestors aren’t buried deep within our subconscious and all we need to do is find a way to open those doors. The memories of my mother/father’s life before I was born are in me, grandparents, great grandparents . . . etc. It could explain a lot of dreams people have about events that felt so real. Explain why in the dream they experience all six senses.
    I guess I rambled, LOL.


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