• See their life through their eyes for a day, hopefully it would make me more grateful for what i have. o-o

    Great question!!

  • i’d do either of them. it would be an experience to last forever and eventually if everyone done this, it could lead to the end of poverty.

  • um hello? i live in a 3rd world country and that’s kind of insulting your perception of us that EVERYONE here is needy or poor and live in the streets and don’t have any shoes cos that is so naive and so not true…sorry just had to get that off of my chest. carry on.

  • yeh i would like to do that
    i’ll help improve the person i’ll become
    like after talking to a homeless girl a little while ago I think i’m changed
    like now whenever something bad happens i know that the homeless girl’s had it worse
    when ever i’m pissed at my parents i think atleast i’ve got parents

    and just hearing about life in a third world country just isnt enough actually experiencing it is soo much more

  • I’ve seen with my own eyes how children in the so-called “Third World” live.

    That was enough.

    It is one of the reasons why I believe that we need to radically change the economic, social and political structure of the planet.

  • Either way i have seen how they live but not lived the way they have lived and from that experience I feel a great urge to help them!!!

  • it would do everyone good to live for a day in their shoes, it would end poverty and cause socialism globally

  • I dont have to be in their shoes to realise their pain and lives. I know how it is, when i was younger i lived in my country and i know what its like not to have anything. Thats why im greateful for the things i have now and my parents.

    I saw a really sad commericial last night about a boy who is still young, who lost his parents and has to take care of his three sibling’s. He was crying and it made me really sad. I would have loved to give him something that moment. >=/

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