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Would you rather be beautiful or happy?

Would you rather be beautiful or happy? I’m not complaining. I really want to hear real answers. My experience is this… I had a pretty bad childhood. I was a really bad teenager and got in alot of trouble. And the first half of my 20’s has been devoted to my husband and children. When I turned 25, I had a total crisis. I am living someone else’s dream ( my nightmare ) and I am to blame. BUT… I am a beautiful person. (not being conceeded) I was an average awkward child. But I have just grown in beauty. I have had more people tell me that I look better after 2 kids than I did in high school. I am a very spiritual person and try to be the best person I can be. I think that by loving myself and accepting my beauty, not pointing out my wrongs, makes me even better as a person. Once I learned to love myself, I could give more love. Any thoughts? Happiness or Beauty?


  1. The simple answer is ; happiness, as without happiness, beauty will not make your life better in any way. Shallow and meaningless, arrogant people, no matter how beautiful can never truly be happy.

  2. Why couldn’t you have both? Happiness should come before beauty, but I really don’t see why you couldn’t have both.

  3. Happiness would be for me. Beauty fades, and things sag and are expensive to fix, but happiness is priceless and worth much much more! If you lead a happy life then you lead a successful life!

  4. I, too, was a ‘late bloomer’. I lost tons of weight after my second child 21 years ago. Yes, I’ve been told I’m beautiful, but none of that matters if you’re loved unconditionallly. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way that looks come and looks go, but unconditional love (from a husband or boyfriend) far out weighs any beauty you may feel. PLEASE think about the long-term effects of thinking you are beautiful. Looks fade; love never ends.

  5. Well i cant see any benefit in being beautiful and unhappy, so I gotta say I would prefer to be happy. If i was hideously ugly, but happy within myself, thats got to be better than being devastatingly beautiful yet depressed and suicidal.

  6. Although i have barely any experience, (14 years old) You have conquered one of the hardest obstacles in life, which is learning to love oneself, without being conceited. You must be a very fun person to be around because you are so confident. It takes years for people to accomplish this. Good for you!! (not sarchastic)
    By choosing beauty, you are wishing for happiness and acceptance from others. Happiness is better.

  7. if you are a spiritual you already know happiness is it anything can happen to outward appearances at any time then how would you gain happiness?

  8. Happiness.
    At least that can LAST!
    Besides, if you choose beauty, then you are guilty of vanity…and vain people are never happy for long.
    Hon, if you live life secretly reveling in your “beauty”, you are truly an ugly person.

  9. if youre a happy person, you make everyone around you happy no matter if youre beautifull or not so atractive, if youre bitter or bitchy or angry all the time, even if youre the most beautifull woman in the world it wont help you that much, what counts is whats inside of you.

  10. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and age can fade it or alter it. Happiness is everlasting if you are determined to have it. There are people who are physically attractive on the outside but rotten to the core in personality which makes there outside beauty look really ugly. There are those who are physically unattractive in physical appearance but are very nice and this overshadows there unattractiveness. I choose both because I’ve decided to be beautiful and happy.

  11. I do not know why there must be a choice. Beauty or happy…..
    Beauty, dear, is often in the eye of the beholder—not everyone who believes he or she is beautiful truly is….but in his or her own eyes, may well be—or in the eyes of someone who truly loves
    a person, they may be beautiful.
    Have you spent much time talking with others and learning about their lives? There are many, many people who have had very difficult, abusive childhoods…..and some of them did grow up to be rebellious teens…….
    You married rather early and had children….but at 25 had something you call a “total crisis” whatever that means to you.
    Now you say you are living a nightmare, though someone else’s dream……this is very difficult for those of us reading your question to understand, dear.
    It is good to grow spiritually–we all have things we can change in ourselves to grow into better beings—more loving toward others, more generous in our giving and sharing…..
    I do not really see what accepting your beauty has to do with that, though.
    When you write about “not pointing out my wrongs” I wonder what you are trying to say with those words. It is not good to deny we have problems or issues, or if we’ve done something wrong—-to have a balanced sense of ourselves, we need to look in a healthy way at both the good and the shadow side of ourselves and our characteristics.
    If there are things you are doing or saying that are not good,
    then you need to work on those things, not say that loving yourself and accepting your beauty covers any need to right any wrongs—
    “Beauty is as beauty does” and “beauty is only skin deep”
    says a lot about physical beauty. Happiness or joy, on the other hand, can be shared with others……multiplied…..
    beauty is not really something that improves the lives of others……..
    I do believe that when we learn to love and accept ourselves
    we may feel better about ourselves and therefore be more
    able to reach out to others………..
    But if you are in a miserable life, why not check out counseling with a minister or your local health department?
    I feel from reading your question that something is badly
    bothering you and you may need some help……if that is so,
    please reach out and talk to someone.
    No one should have to make a choice between thinking they are beautiful vs. being happy, dear.
    God bless you,

  12. Being beautiful is fun… It’s almost like having a golden ticket, doors open for you, customer service is fabulous and there is nothing like walking into a room and owning it. People are usually super nice, except for women who are insecure. They cannot stand being near a beauty and can even be kind of snippy but they are to be pitied. I would choose beauty every other day alternated with happy days. I know I chose both, but hey, if I can’t be happy too, then I would choose to be a sad beauty, pouty and sullen and always needing to be cheered up by some tall handsome sexy man.


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