Would you rather be a Paladin or Necromancer and why?

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For those of you that don’t know, Necromancers can raise the dead as undead servants, and a Paladin destroys undead. (undead=zombie)
Why did you make the choice you did?
(p.s.:I like necromancers [hint hint] {Best answer})

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My current D&D character is a Paladin.
Of the Death Goddess.
It’s like having the best of both worlds- Self-righteousness, undead-smiting, and a sinister and brooding manner with stylish black motifs. Also a scythe.
(for the record, I don’t think paladins all have to be insufferable jerks… they can be good and compassionate and lawful without being stupid, it’s just difficult.)

Tyrannic French Toast

Definitely a necromancer. Paladins are way too goody-goody.
A whole army of your evil undead could wipe out one measly Paladin any day.
Plus, necromancers have that whole sexy goth thing going on.


On Oblivion, I had to kill all the Necromancers and they usually had dead bodies just hanging around. Yuck. I’ll take the Paladin.




“Necromancer? That means you have sex with dead people, right?” – Brock Samson


Night Elf Paladin…Then Death Knight…Best of both worlds!!!


Necromancer, Paladins are just way too cheesy… I mean, sure they can heal and all that divine blah…
… But if my best friend dies I can just raise him…
… and again….
… and again…
…. and so on….
… plus, I get to live forever, right? in a big scary fortress with loads of undead, everlasting, best friends to look out for me!
If I’d be a paladin, my best friend would’ve been long dead, I’d be stuck alone out there in some deserted field trying to destroy all those friends of this necromancer I’m so jealous of…
… what’s so great about that?
Plus, when the friend of my nemesis ended up killing me… well… then just end of story… I’m either dead, or I become my nemesis new #1 best friend… without a mind of mine own…
Necro’s seem to rule a bit then…
… and not to mention the sexy vamps… wrarrrrr….


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