Would you pay £25 for an hour long Reiki Treatment?

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Would you, have you, or would it just not interest you?

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Yes i would, thats a reasonable price if they are qualified and experienced at it can be a very effective therapy.


I wouldn’t pay 25 pounds for an hour of anything.


I would if it had been recommended by a friend otherwise no.




Yes thats the standard rate and it is worth it!!!! i had it done last year when i was going through a stressful time and it helped me no end to relax,it gets rid of all the negative energy in your brain.The only trouble is it only lasts a few days but it is worth a few sessions.


Reiki practitioner have oath about this. Practitioner have not to received money, parcel, etc in reiki treatment. They treat with unconditional love.
The energy cannot flow, if practitioner open the workshop or clinic just for materials benefit.
You just pay little fee for administration in my country. Because practitioner pay only for consumerism things, like mineral water drinks, gasoline for driving, etc. They are working base on warm-hearted, no else. Sometimes they make treatment free of charge open for public.
I see many practitioner have a title, like bachelor degree,master degree, public lawyer, etc.
They only have their leisure time to help people. They already have a job. They gain benefit from their job but not from Reiki treatment.
The energy from america pratitioner same as from africa practitioner. Energy is from universe, not from solar plexus.


I would pay more I love having Reiki Treatment. I find it so relaxing


Sorry this seems a bit much money for a reiki treatment. I have found that most reiki practioners only except small amount of money to cover their costs. To cover extra heating for room, water or petrol costs if travelling to your home.


That’s a really good price for an hour. definitely would pay that…. love reiki


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