Home Discussion Forum Would you like your consciousness to live on forever inside a computer?

Would you like your consciousness to live on forever inside a computer?


  1. Not so much. Machines are only there to make our lives easier. If taken any further then that then I’m sure we’ll get Hal again who won’t open the pod door.

  2. This question was poised in The X-Files episode Kill Switch. These two people managed to up link themselves into a computer program. However, I think in a sense it would be kind of cool. We are basically our personalities. It would be good because you wouldn’t be hampered by an aged body nor by any disease one might have. You’d also probably be able to communicate with all sorts of people and go all sorts of places.

  3. No because the hard drive crashes, what if their is a power outage or some kid is playing a game on you is losing and has a bad temper?Or you get struck by lightening?

  4. No, probably not.
    Hey, don’t get me wrong, being conscious is pretty great.
    It’s just that every time a gorgeous girl walked by my sensors, my consciousness would think,
    “Wow, I sure love to tap that!”
    Then my consciousness would realize it’s not going to happen, and be a very sad consciousness.
    So without a body, I think I’ll pass 🙂

  5. Wouldn’t be too bad, probably need a simulated environment though but any computer powerful enough to run a human mind shouldn’t have any trouble with that.

  6. Sounds cool but no doubt some ne’er do well sub-intellect,would report my consciousness to Yahoo Intelligentsia for deletion consideration…On the flip side,on-line gaming would be awesome!!..

  7. As long as the computer isn’t Compaq or HP (my consciousness would have a very short life due to the inevitable hard crash), I’m cool with it.


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