Home Discussion Forum Would you like to feel LOVE towards MONEY?

Would you like to feel LOVE towards MONEY?

My friend Klaus Joehle wrote a book “Money is Love”. In this book he shares the method he previously used to create big and small stuff. This time he records a creation of $3.6 million. http://lovebook2.tripod.com/book-money-is-love.shtml
How? In short it’s like this:
1) first he teaches himself he already has this money. (Just imagine it for a second now!)
2) Then he teaches himself to feel LOVE towards MONEY.
This makes his subconscious mind to work in the direction of attracting wealth and money.
It does work for me. I don’t do everything in the book, but the little I did made me feel positive towards money and I already have more money than before.
Some may think that “money is evil”. But what if we used chicken instead of money? Then chicken would become evil? 🙂
So: Would you like to feel MORE POSITIVE towards money? Would you like to feel LOVE towards money?
Thanks! I will place some comments to your answers on a page in our forum:


  1. I would like 2 feel love but without the money over powering me all at the same time. Although I do would like 2 feel positive all the time & have a great positive energy 2.
    Like the saying says: U CAN MAKE MONEY BUT DONT LET IT MAKE U!!!


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