Home Discussion Forum Would you like to come out to your parents like this?

Would you like to come out to your parents like this?

Thats the funniest way ive ever seen anyone come out.
Usually its either sad or kinda ok but still feel this gloomy aura around.
lolz id love to come out like this hbu?


  1. All good until he said “I guess you better respect my choice.” Homosexuality is not exactly a choice.
    I rather just come out to my parents like this; I’ll bring my girlfriend over, and I tell my parents she is a new friend and we plan on doing ‘homework.’ Apparently, my parents and I have two different meanings of ‘homework’ in mind, whereas they believe I mean schoolwork, when I really mean working my girlfriend at home. 😉 We go into my room, get in the mood, and I start eating her out. When the smoke is cleared, and the dust is settled, I call my parents, “Mom, Dad?! Come here! I have something I’d like to confess!” They open the door and find me eating out my girlfriend with her legs spread and all, doing the ‘homework’ I ensured I’d do. My parents look very surprised. I’d then look at them and say, “Well, I am sure you know what this means right?”


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