Home Discussion Forum would you like a girl that reads auras?

would you like a girl that reads auras?

i do and i want to know if there are guys who really do think its cool..my ex used me for it…im just curious.


  1. I’m not entirely bothered by it, but i suppose it’s a useful trait.
    I would probably appreciate you more for it.
    You shouldn’t rely too much on any one ability, deary.

  2. Maybe you can, I don’t know. I think it is something you should not offer to speak of unless asked some specific question regarding why you enjoy being in the company of some person, and why you avoid being in the company of another.
    You must realize many will see this as a silly claim. Therefore, just keep it to yourself and let it help guide you personally.

  3. Its better than a girl who “has religion” but it still seems more like an exercise in wishful thinking than something real. a girl who does Kirlian photography would be a bit more acceptable.

  4. Q: would you like a girl that reads auras?
    A: Depends on how she looks. What she does or doesn’t do, isn’t going to sway attraction.


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