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Would you let your kids study Pagan beliefs if they choose to?

If you are not Pagan, would you let your kids study Pagan beliefs if they wanted to?


  1. No it is my job to show them the right path to go when they are adults then it makes no differece i would know that i did my best

  2. Of course I would, I believe that the spiritual path is one you must make on your own, and wherever it leads you is right. No one can simply tell you how to believe on a spiritual level, it’s too personal. And if that is the way that my children lean towards, then so be it.

  3. I’ll let my kids study all religions. Hell, I’ll force them to study all religions. =)
    That way they can find their own creed and follow it if they so choose. They will also make their decisions based off of knowledge, and not ignorance.

  4. Of course I would. (And did). How else are they going to know what it is they want to believe unless they study what they want?

  5. If anyone answers no, then they are not real as far as their spiritual walk for the fact is, life is about choices not about control. It’s my job to train up my child to believe in God and trust in the scripture. It’s not my job to control my child just as it is not your job to control your child.

  6. I would let my kids study anything they choose to, including making informed decisions about participation. Who am I to tell them how to think and feel?
    My job as a parent is not to tell them right and wrong, it’s to equip them to determine right and wrong for themselves. What does it value them if I am the source of their moral compass or intellectual education? And if they should outlive me, who will be their moral compass or means for learning when I’m gone, if I have not given them such a compass or means of their own?

  7. i d let my kids study every belief system so that they can choose frm whatever they think is rite..religion accordin to me shud not be forced… it shud be a matter of choice.

  8. As a parent I have the duty to guide my chidren to the correct path. It is universally know paganism is another form of stupidity. Of course I’ll do my best to keep my children away from nonsense.

  9. Sure, but I’d make sure that they continued to understand their secular education as well, and that they continued to try and broaden it.

  10. My kids are kids until they’re 18. My job as a parent is to raise them as I see fit. The Christian lifestyle is how I choose to raise my kids. I pray that they live their lives with Christ forever, but I’m confident that even if they do stray, they will again turn to the Lord at some point in their lives. He promises us that. And boy does that give me peace!!!

  11. Of course not, not in my own house because in His 4th commandment , as read in the book of Exodus, God holds me accountable for my household. When they grow up and live on their own they may do whatever they want and I´ll be guiltless of any evil doing.

  12. You raise your children in the way you want them to believe. You don’t just tell them, you have to be a Christian yourself and show them by example.I would never allow my child to study Paganism.

  13. Honestly no….im speaking from experience……my father is v holy man and im only 19……i find myself turning to god wen im in trouble wen i cant talk to any1 else…..i feel strongly bout this …its a very sad world …things are changing and the world is introuble…every 2nd buisness is closing and believe me ur kids will need someone to talk to ….were all lost and need hope…holy ppl are happy ppl……..u ever notice that u compare a holy man to unholy man…see the differences …seriously just look out for it a holy man will help ya wen u need it most a unholy man will laugh at u and think ur crazy.

  14. Absolutely. A persons true spiritual path must be explored and tested. You can’t force a person to follow the path you wish them to take, even your children. By allowing them to question and explore other religions, they will understand their own all the better.

  15. I encourage my children to study any religion they choose. I teach them mine, but also help them study others. With my 7 year old son (the other one will be born in Feb.) I taught him my religion but also taught him about how other’s believe. He has chosen to be Wiccan because he wants to know Goddess but if he were to chose to study and/or pracitice anyother religion I’d let him and help him along as much as possible.

  16. I was raised christian. better yet, i was an indoctrinated christian child… I WISH my mother had allowed me to study different religions, perhaps I wouldn’t hold so much contempt for christianity. My husband is christian. I am content letting my child be raised christian, but the deal is, they will not be FORCED to believe anything they feel uncomfortable with. I would definitely allow my child to study pagan beliefs, and be happy to guide them, but I wouldn’t want them going behind my/our back. There are many things out there that children may consider pagan that are truly not, and I would want to be able to help them see what is plausible, and what is simply dangerous. As far as PRACTICING is concerned, I would ask that without my or my husband’s supervision, that it be refrained from practice, until they are 18 years old.
    BB )O( STB


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