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Would you learn to do out of body exploration?

even if you just believed it was only a fluke or lucid dreaming.
Actually, it is hard to do when you think it isn’t possible, just like any task you might try to accomplish, but sleep paralysis and spontaneous OOBE’s do occurr. Please explain.
isn’t should have been written “is”
nevermind..long day for me…..
Check out the Gateway experience via Monroe Institute….this is a intro for learning..there are many others also


  1. I think it would be fun to kinda drift around like that in a different state of mind. I have a powerful imagination and I’d love to experience something like that, as long as I could control when I could ‘come back’ 🙂

  2. I’m with Melvin on this one, I’d love to try, but I’ve heard that if someone moves your body when your out, you can’t get back and remain comatose. Scarey

  3. It is a brain experience. Normally a part of you brain makes you feel as that you are inside and the world is outside. At certain times, eg. during deep meditation or a survival crisis, that part of the brain shuts down, but the remainder of the brain keeps working. The functioning part then interprets the non-functioning part as the outside world, and consequently you feel as if you are now partof the outside world, hence the OBE. It is not proof or evidence of a divine or supernatural. Extraordinary things happens when differents parts of the brain shuts down, leaving others still functioning. These are responsible for all religious, spiritual & mystical experiences that people ascribe to god or gods or the supernatural.

  4. I know I am able to astral project. I also know my son does it, and has since a very young age. I would like to be able to relay, like Edgar Cayce could, to other people during a projection. I am not able to remember everything when I do go. I have retained pieces, and I personally believe de je vu is when I have lived a moment during a projection, and then relive it while awake. I would like to learn to remember, or stay conscious while I project.

  5. remember the childhood rhyme:
    “Where’ve you been?”
    “In my skin! If I jump out, don’t you jump in!”
    I wouldn’t chance it. Suppose you got displaced by another spirit?

  6. I had an out of body experience once when a ghost in an appartment I was living in invoked the experience upon me somehow. I had already seen ghosts in the place, so that wasn’t what suprised me. It was that she had the power to pull me out of my body. Maybe I was allowing it, but it certainly would have never happened had I tried to do it on my own. I’m not crazy, or telling a story for laughs. This isn’t a joke. I felt electrical charges crackling up my limbs until all the energy in my body collected at my head and was released as if someone removed the locking clamps. It wasn’t a lucid dream or sleep paralysis. It wasn’t morphine or lsd either. It was reality. I floated away from my body staring at it as real as anything I’ve ever looked at. Suddenly I felt incased in concrete, then I became scared and was back in my body instantly. Any questions, feel free to contact me.


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