Would you hook up to the collective consciousness?

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As technology shrinks and communications become all the more widespread, if technology was developed to allow brain-brain telepathy, Would you embrace it or not? And either way, What concerns would you have about such a technology? Would you believe it to be beneficial to society?

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You can’t chose. It comes in your DNA.


I don’t think so. I like my own opinion and there would be too much risk of mind control.


That is a freaky thought… You are talking scarry sh*it here. Would you want people in your head? I think not! I say, unless we all evolve first into a place where we are all equals intellectually and emotionally then the brain should be off limits! But I think it would be fun to watch the chuckleheads who try to make it work. Would you want a man like John Cooey or Charles Manson running around in your head?


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