Would you happen to know any succubi who are residing in the Mid-Ohio Valley?

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I would really like to become a nightly feeding source to one or more succubi

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ohio state,

I would stay away from that


You do know that they kill normally the victims in the legends right. And in some they are a type of vampire that bleeds their victim dry at night.

Zaphod Beeblebrox

what…you don’t have enough problems?

Peter D

Sorry, but every male between 12 and 35 has been trying desperately to conjure succubi for centuries. Unfortunately they only seem to be attracted to prudish men who don’t want them. O, the injustice!

Tomb Raider

You mean you still haven’t found any yet? I gave you a web site to view about this.Maybe you aren’t conjuring them up correctly.Let us know here in the paranormal section if you have any luck it doing this.


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