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Would YOU go out with me?

I know this is somewhat of an immature question, but I’m just curious to find out exactly how accurate/inaccurate my preconceptions of my “likability” or sex appeal really are. I am slightly above average neurotic and self-conscious, and my self-esteem is pretty low right now, so I figured I’d ask this question.
Okay, the following is literally taken off of my INFO tab on my personal Facebook account. Here goes:
Relationship Status:
Interested In:
Political Views:
Religious Views:
It’s all the same God seen differently through different eyes.
Personal Information
School and work, songwriting, political activism, love, alcoholism from a lack thereof, reading books/novels, creative writing, philosophizing about reality and solving problems with society in my mind.
Learning, loving, making music to inspire, connecting, thinking, political debate, coffee, Red Bull, chillaxation, meditation, vacations, stand-up comedy, free movies @ Regal Cinemas; ), Roller Coasters, jogging when I have the time/will-power, answering questions on Yahoo Answers, listening to dusty old records from my collection, going record shopping, waxing on as well as waxing off, etc, etc…
Favorite Music:
Anything “blues-based”, like acid rock of the late 60s, Classic Rock of the 1970s, grunge/most 90’s music, retro/garage rock, Southern Rock,Bluegrass, funk, soul, ska, Reggae, the original punk rock (late 70s early 80s), some if not most of the punk rock rivial of the 1990’s,british pop rock of the 1960s and otherwise, some “metal” such as system of a down, nin (actually industrial grunge in my opinion),Meshugah, Rob Zombie, or rage against the machine, some rap such as cypress hill, wutang clan (preferably old school when rap was still by the people for the people)…
I’m kinda picky about what I put into my stereo/put onto my turn-table…wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good pair of speakers/eardrums!
What I like more than any particular genre is any song that tells a good story with a good riff and/or a good rythmn (ie beat)…
Favorite TV Shows:
I mostly try not to waste my life away with television, but when I do, I tend to watch cable news programs, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart/ the colbert report, Weeds, Breaking Bad, whatev I can find while channel surfing that isn’t broadcasting sexually devious and mindless propaganda (ie commercials)…
Favorite Movies:
Any flicks by Quentin Tarantino, Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Kevin Smith, StarWars, good horror flicks (not slasher), crazy films that mess with your head like The Science of Sleep, ect. Also, Jim Carey flicks, good horror movies, and classic action/adventure movies such as Indianna Jones and Back to the Future…However, I also tend to like any movie that has a cult following.
Favorite Books:
The Art Of Happiness by the Dali Lama, which helped me to find enjoyment from every aspect of life, High Fidelity & Songbook…both by Nick Hornby, absolutely hilarious for any fan of music, Contact by Carl Sagan, a very deep philosophical and thought provoking adventure with themes such as the existance of extraterrestrials and God, The Torah by God, Aliens, or someone posing as God, a very biased approach at explaining why we exist, nevertheless still important in its ancient and widely accepted ideals, Cool Gardens by Serg Tankian, poetry for freethinkers, Dreams From My Father by President Barack Obama, a book that got me off of drugs and back into school, Stephen King’s The Stand, Social Intelligence, the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, selfexplannatory if you are a fan-if you aren’t than you wouldn’t understand anyway, a book called Zen Guitar that I don’t remember the author’s name, it helped me to “relearn” how to creatively make music without the use of drugs-as well as getting in touch with your inner imagination, Kurt Cobain Journals,tragic but fascinating, and I’m sure there are more…
Favorite Quotations:
“If there are a number of explanations for observed phenomena, the simplest explanation is preferred.”
-Occam’s Razor
“The leaves fall, fall as from afar…
They fall with slow and lingering descent.
And in the nights the heavy Earth, too, falls,
From out the stars into the Solitude.
Thus all must fall. This hand of mine must fall.
But there is one who holds this falling,
Infinitely softly in his hands…”
-A passage from a Hebrew Prayer Book for Yom Kippur services
[If you are reading this sentence, ]
Thanks for reading all the way through!
By the way, I did NOT “take the time to write all of this out” all at once! Are you crazy?! I add a little bit to it every now and then since I first created my account… Why, do you think I should edit it? Seriously, I’m asking lol…


  1. Waxing on and off eh? that is TMI if you ask me! Sorry to say that no i would not, mainly though because i don’t date men….but good luck to you….

  2. remove all of the following because it sounds lame:
    chillaxation (trying to sound current/modern?)..only mickey avalon could get away w/ using that term & still be sexy
    dusty old records from my collection (old man?)
    waxing on as well as waxing off (whacking off?)
    I’m kinda picky about what I put into my stereo/put onto my turn-table…wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good pair of speakers/eardrums! (corny)
    sorry, babe. hook up w/ jen, she’s into you-

  3. WTF?
    im not reading that ..
    and you sound desperate for a boyfriend , go to websites like tagged or lavalife and find a partner?

  4. a few differences but if i was single i could deal with it…
    dating someone with the same likes as you may be kinda boring,

  5. well I, personally, was won over by political activism. ahaha.
    we cant judge your sex appeal from that, cause looks do play a part no matter how much people say ‘looks dont matter’.
    You’re an intellectual, i know plenty of girls who’re into guys like you. You sound like half of my exes
    dont worry about it too much you will find a lass soon!

  6. put all this on a dating site, you’re likely to get more substantial responses. just look for some dating sites through google or something. that way, people on there are looking to date others..so someone may want to date you on there, and read everything you’ve written down. good luck.

  7. hon, just read back on what u wrote
    do u really think a girl would wanna go out with a guy who takes his time writing all of this out?
    im sure there is a girl out there who is just waiting for u to ask her out
    dont let ur self-eesteem fall
    suck it up, and ask her out
    dont be afraid of rejection

  8. seems like your trying to hard bro.
    Seems like your trying to get a girl from some movie you watched to fall in love with you. Not all woman want someone that is intellectual or DEEP, life isnt a chick flick.
    Sorry man


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