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Would you give up all your cherished beliefs, rules and judgments to know the truth?

Tantra is a straight path to hell for the ego and the home of the Divine. : )
“Tantra is a Path of paradox, of Coyote/Trickster energy. Nothing is as it seems, all rules are to be broken, because the world’s judgments and rules are only jokes and illusions which hold us back from enlightenment”.
Shishan: So good to see you again. Trick question? Well, being a coyote does have its advantages. ; )
Bella: “In the end there can be only one”. : )
Bella: In combining the male and female energy the whole truth is seen, felt, experienced, any other truth is incomplete. : )


  1. Atheism is actually the answer for going to heaven, if you find a way to do it by combining matter + time travel + space distortion + net gravity.

  2. cherished beliefs, don’t have any, rules they are called morals and honor something in short supply now a days, judgment no human being has the right to judge another, truth entails facts paradoxes are simply oxymorons something that defies itself.

  3. Your question assumes that we don’t already know the truth, and, whether you agree with it or not, some of us believe that we have found truths that work for us. As for tantra, I’ve got nothing particularly against it…it just seems like it’s one of those things that’s caught on with a certain segment of the population. If it works for you, go ahead on!

  4. I did years ago. I shook my fist at the universe and screamed for the truth. I didn’t care what it was, as long as it was the truth. I left xianity not long after that. It’s been one hell of a ride ever since. The insanity is the sanity. lol

  5. Yes!
    Indeed I have faced the fear and have been rendered fearless. I have sought God and felt the annihilation of what I had thought was self only to find that which I thought was me was pride. The eternal is a pearl buried in the mud of the ego self.
    This pearl is still muddy but glimmers of it’s luster still sparkle through the cracks. The sparkles are love.
    Thanks for asking this question brother.

  6. coyote:
    great question. sometimes it is a requirement.
    [Surah 11] Hud, or The Prophet.
    (Psalm 23)
    peace and warm wishes.
    “Are we humble enough to accept the truth when it is presented to us?’
    “Hay Yah te Hey!” (((k.s.)))
    edit: Coyote Native American Symbol
    Coyote according to many tribes is the great trickster. He is often fooled and astonished by the outcome of his own pranks. He survives this, then goes onto not learning by his mistakes and makes bigger ones. He denotes both folly and wisdom and the balance of the two. Wisdom is hidden in the foolery. He may have lost the skirmish, but remains unbeaten. Coyote is keeper of magic, teacher and creator. The cycle of power is year around.
    People see their weaknesses in his foolish acts. He helps them to become aware of their silliness and learn from it. Coyote teaches by folly. The message is to see through the actions of self sabotage, laugh at oneself and learn.
    Coyote is cunning, a shapeshifter, opportunity, stealth, white and dark magick, creativity, illumination, experience and new life. He stole fire for the humans, but he can also create floods. Trickster of Native American tales often gets duped, but he always rebounds and, at some point, even teaches himself lessons he learns from.
    (psalm 135, 136)

  7. Yes. Saktha unites with shaktti.Manifested power in creation
    Vamachara is not practised. self-discplined systamatic tantra is practised

  8. ha ha
    The answer is hardly any one would ,
    thousands of years of literature from Sumerian hieroglyphics is ignored because of the dogmatic insistence that biblical truths are the only ones ,
    even though they are barely 6000 years old ,
    much older texts ,such as Thoth (35.000 years ) are shoved under the carpet ,Whilst the Earth history of the Annunaki spans maybe as much as 300.000 years
    the brain washing goes very deep ,to prevent us from going into that.
    It is ironic that Enlil ended up as being the adored god .
    And he was the Annunaki who wanted to destroy the slave race they had created .Because his own people were sleeping with the daughters of earth (who he called monkeys)
    Genesis ,the nephilim,
    whilst Enki ,the creator of humanity ,by using primates and his own genes ,mended up as the evil one .http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2001/02/11/MN180850.DTL
    He was the serpent in the garden of eden .the savior of Noah.
    and the dark angel who fell from God (his half brother)grace.
    History is written by the winners ,and they have been feeding us lies from day one.to keep us ignorant and under control.
    In the bible the two half brothers were merged as one God .
    and a fictional story was super imposed based on the movements of astral bodies that were then humanized.
    .no wonder it is such a schizophrenic book,and that the flock ended up so confused.
    They went to great lengths to hide the connections with an Alien past ,with overwhelming evidence to the contrary ,This is Why Atlantis became fiction ,But MU and Ur are still around ,(Could this be why Bush is in Iraq to hide or prevent more evidence from emerging,Iraq is the site of Semuria)
    This is Baalbeck in Lebanon ,but no one ever talks about it
    it was mentioned in Enki`s writings
    A 200.000 year old space port
    Religious people are unreasonably vigorous against the possibility of an Alien past (is this the fruit of brainwashing ???)
    step into the light
    however most believe they already are enlightened ,what they know already is the truth and alternative truths ,cannot even be considered.
    The lies are easier to swallow ,
    Than coming to terms with the fact that one could have been so wrong or gullible,
    To have been conned for so long .

  9. Absolutely, for if our beliefs, rules and judgments are found lacking in the face of truth, then we must alter that which we believe, rule and judge.
    Tantra is but a part of the sacred path toward acceleration. I would no more judge it than I would judge any other path that leads to the same end.
    Trick question, coyote … πŸ™‚

  10. What has cherished beliefs, rules and judgments is none other than the ego, a phantom, which is responsible for the creation, and sustenance of mistaken identities, and notions that inhibit the highest knowledge, or union in a super-conscious unified state. Examining the mischief of the ego/mind in each moment is yoga sadhana. In order to clean house one has to sweep out the accumulated, self-limiting sh*t. Belief structures have been, and are continually being destructed in order to recognize what I am not. This analysis makes life interesting, cultivates vitality and prevents stagnation. All cherished beliefs, rules and judgments must be examined, scrutinized and eventually dropped in order to receive illumination of “truth”, a bliss that is beyond the paltry egotistic concepts that suspend one in ignorance. Any belief outside of “the unconditional love for the totality of existence” is open for disposal. Tantra is a process of weaving and expanding the fabric of life towards liberation from perceived duality. Loss of perceived duality=unity, thus truth. From a Tantric perspective the fabric of life is woven in threads according to a pattern designated by nature. At birth, life naturally forms around the designated pattern, but as a being grows, fears, desires, attachments, ignorance and false images of itself created by the ego tangle and damage the threads of the designated pattern. Tantra is a practice of reweaving the pattern of life, a system of restoration of the natural pattern. Through comprehensive Tantric practices the clouds of egoistic identity can gradually be dissolved stirring the dormant Kundalini Shakti for her upcoming arduous ascent through the chakras to sahasara and union.
    In order to extract spirit from matter the ego must surely be obliterated, for it taints the natural state. In Tantra, the Divine source within, the dormant, latent and infinite Kundalini Shakti lies coiled 3.5 times in mooladhara chakra obscured by the clouds of the ego, it’s limiting concepts and current false identity. The awakening of and the use of Shakti is the goal of Tantric practice. To awaken Shakti, practices are employed to purify the heart, mind and pranic (energy) bodies (koshas) cultivating spiritual illumination, in turn stimulating Shakti, dynamic energy to start her path upward through sushumna nadi to Sahasara for union with Shiva, static consciousness. Shiva represents male energy, consciousness or the eternal Purusha the Supreme. Shakti represents female energy, dynamic energy of matter/nature or the eternal Prakriti. This union can be viewed as the fusion of consciousness with matter and energy. Here, Kundalini shakti is now merged into the source from where it originated. Supreme knowledge, pure consciousness and liberation are attained. Union in this manner is the goal of Tantra and chakra oriented yoga paths including Kundalini yoga. As long as one lives life through a case of mistaken identity holding cherished beliefs, rules and judgments they will remain mired in the quicksand of duality where truth is merely a rumor. However, I am sure that cosmiccoyotie knows this on a deep cellular level!
    Source(s): yoga sadhana including experiential Tantric sadhana and enduring “Gentle Love.”

  11. Truth is truth and will always be the truth.
    Beliefs are beliefs , it can or cannot be the truth. At certain point a belief has to become a truth if not it is not the truth.
    That acceptance gives further path to enlightenment.
    Roads can be different for the same destinations.

  12. Truth is our word for what is. Everything else is an illusion. I have already given up all attachment to illusion ( name it what you will: belief, rules or judgments). The belief in “enlightenment” is a game of hide and seek with self.

  13. This is a question I have come across in recent days – all in their own verse…
    Be it of what ever Religion is held, they are starting to combine their Questions with Other for self redemption..
    …… maybe they are coming around and see something the natives/aborigines see….. I can’t see it yet… but I can feel it..


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