Would you ever name a girl Padme?






I’ve just looked in my local paper to see what’s on the cinema this week and looked in the baby name announcements and seen that some couple (i don’t know them) have named their daughter Padme Alice!!!
That makes me think of Padme Amidala from Star Wars!!!
Maybe the name has a certain meaning to the parents, maybe not, they could just be big Star Wars fans.
Still, Padme Alice? What’s next, a son named Anakin???
No offense to them, but i think Alice Padme might have been better. It says it’s their first child too.
The full name is Padme Alice Rosen (Rosen being the surname).
I looked up the meaning of the name Padme for fun, as i only associate it with Star Wars, and this is what i got:
The girl’s name Padme is of Persian origin, and its meaning is “lotus”. From the Tibetan chant, “Om Mani Padme Hum”, meaning “the jewel is in the lotus”. Name of a fictional “Star Wars” princess, Padme Amidala.
Be honest, she isn’t my daughter and i don’t know the parents, so you can’t offend me.
Thanks, Lisa Michelle x x lol x x
peking – i agree with you 100% x


  1. I personally don’t like the name, but I think it’s awesome that it means lotus. It makes me like it a little bit more. 🙂

  2. It’s a pretty name, if it is actually suitable for the kid’s ethnic heritage and matches the surname.
    Padme Alice Rosen sounds awkward and self-conscious, like the parents were out on a shopping spree trying hard for something “exotic.” It doesn’t flow well.
    I agree, Alice Padme would have been better – let’s face it, some day the kid is likely going to go by that and just shake her head, telling people her parents were stoned when they named her.

  3. Well, I certainly wouldn’t use it. I’m a Star Wars fan myself, but not that hardcore! Still, as you can see, it was still a name before the movie. Maybe the parents are of Persian/Iranian descent.

  4. OK I hope this isn’t an underhanded attempt to poke fun @my avatar LOL but maybe maybe not. I didn’t realize it was a popular name. I know one couple who named their son “Indiana” LOL.

  5. It’s a nice name but I wouldn’t want parents to do that because she will be teased all her life and kids at school might think its not her real name and she might not like star wars when shes old enough to know about the movies.

  6. Oh that’s just awful! Alice would have been the better name. Either it means something to them with the meaning, they actually love the name or they are big fans of Star Wars 🙂

  7. I actually have the name Padme on the table for my impending daughter. I think it’s a really pretty name. Look, kids are getting teased no matter what they do. My name is Jen, the most popular name of my birth year, and I still got made fun of for being short.

  8. Personallly I think Padme is a really pretty name. Of course i didnt when I was in the 4th grade. But once you get older people will accept it better than they would when they were 9 years old. And did anyone ever think that maybe they hate Star Wars, never seen it, dont know it exists, ect. but they still like the name??? People, please, dont act like youve never been made fun of. My name is sooo common. And Ive been called jessics simpson, jessica alba blah blah blah. So yeah. i like it. Good for them.

  9. Even if I was a hard-core star wars fanatic, I wouldn’t. I don’t think its ever a good idea to name your child after a character in a movie.
    But I am Iranian, and I have seriously considered this name for my child if I ever had a girl. To say that using this name is “awful and mean” or would cause her to get teased in school is racist. I doubt any kid could get away with making fun of a girl for having a persian name in school.

  10. I am Padme! I use this name on line! I love it and actually think to change my own name with it. Sorry U don’t like it. It means that I feel this name! And not because it’s a character from a movie…

  11. I dont speak english so good to understand why you guys said it is not a good name. what means pat me or something that this name isnt good? i visited this site because name padme is number one on the list for name for my daughter.

  12. Padme is a good name. At least it means something good. Some people are so ignorant of things. It may sound strange to people who aren’t used to hearing other languages but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad name. Your name might sound strange to many other people from other places! Haters.

  13. so this is a piece of new age spirituality thinking. hmmm. i think padme is a nice name. no offense but i also think you have to reevaluate your philosophies.

  14. Um, wow. I really don’t like your disrespect. My name is Stormy, and I love my name no matter how many people make fun of it. It makes me special because it is so unique and I get praises constantly for it. I love her name because it is unique. For all you know, this family might have had someone who liked the name “Padme” before star wars came out. Shame on you for judging someone for their name or name choice. It is rude and shows how ignorant and shallow you are. Think deeply and concider others.

  15. Hi you all! I have a great notice to you: I am Padme. Like, really. My name is Padme. Since I was little I have recieved lots of “Oh, because of Star Wars?” comments every time I introduce myself. It doesn’t bother me at all because it kinds is because of Star Wars. Yes, my dad is a huge fan. But the Sanskrit for “lotus” means more to me than the name of a fictional princess. Anyway, I think is a nice name. <3
    And is fun because Star Wars fans are always awesomed about it. And they say that they will name her future daughters Padme. And the people who don't know about Star Wars are just like "Oh, what a cute name".
    In conclusion, yes: there are people who would name their daughers Padme (my parents already had). And yes: I think is a nice name.

  16. I love the name. I did hear it from watching Star Wars, but I wasn’t a big fan of the movies. I’m pregnant right now, and if it’s a girl I’m thinking of a variation of Padme. Instead Padamay… Just because I think it sounds better with that extra a in the middle.

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