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Would you ever consider tossing material belongings aside/forget the rat race2rediscover life's meaning on

spiritual retreat?
To practice zen for awhile [a week or much more]?
Waking up at sunrise, joining in on quiet group meditations and listen to your soul and what is calling out to you from within–to rediscover who you are at the CORE on a deep soul level?
Would you [or maybe you’ve done so already]
actually ever take action to do something like this as a gift to yourself?
What are your thoughts?
Experiences please?
Positive, inspiring responses ONLY please, thank you.
p.s. or maybe you’ve done this on a camping trip by yourself communing w/nature …


  1. I’ve walked away from my entire world several times. I’d love to now but this isn’t done by parents of small children. I was 38 when my first child was born and 42 when my youngest was born. I’m 48 now so I’ll be 61 when my youngest daughter graduates from high school. I many have to wait for her to get a Bachelors degree in something, then I’ll be 65. After they move out though I’ll probably give it all to charity and go find myself….again.
    ♥Blessed Be♥

  2. I just did this for the month of august took 4 weeks of vacation; I enjoyed not having to get up early to get ready for work.
    I sat in the park and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather, watched the boats sail by, watched the sun set; went to the movies, read a few good books, saw some more movies; I enjoyed having the time to myself, usu. my week involves preparing for work & I only have saturday and sunday to myself but that involves running errands & doing chores because I can’t do it during the week because of work.
    To be honest I hate that I have to return on monday but I like living indoors so I need to go back, but if I could I would continue having my days all to myself. It had me wishing I worked for myself so I could say how many hrs & days I would work

  3. I was very successful designer in a competitive sports accessory business. I sacraficed my Son to pursue my dream. What a price to pay. My soul was sick, my body got sick, I almost died because of it. Yea. I think about things differently. I am not that person and I will never be again. The Lord restored all the relationships I destroyed because of my own selfishness. A miracle in itself really. The corporate world and all it offers holds no appeal for me. I prefer the silent types, like small breed dogs under 20 lbs dumped at the shelter, who are old, deaf, almost blind. But sweet as hell.

  4. I tossed the rat race aside 11 years ago moving from the city to a small dot of a town within spitting distance of nowhere.. While it took some getting used to (who would imagine the lack of traffic noise and sounds of the city would make it difficult to sleep… If you decide to do it get a looping cd player and burn a cd of city sounds you can play slowly lowering the volume to adjust that’s what finally helped me) it was a great decision I was able to stop working and be a full-time mom to my 2 then 3 kids…
    I am not a spiritual or religious person but I have found great happiness in leaving the ratrace behind and focusing on my family more than I was able to in the city….
    Nature is now directly out the door with nothing between my house and hundreds of square miles of National Forest land but my barn. I see deer grazing in the yard, squirrels and birds in the trees and other animals wandaring through occassionally…
    My only complaint (maybe not complaint but concern) is mountain lions.. We have had to install an electrified fence outside our standard yard fence to insure the safety of our family and farm animals in recent years as drought has pushed the cats further into the valley in search of water and food… A small inconvience for the priviledge of living so close to nature


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