Home Discussion Forum would you describe Aleister Crowley as a bad man?

would you describe Aleister Crowley as a bad man?

i cant seem to get through the bias whilst researching this man. I either have a person of the ‘lord’ speaking about how foul he was..or i get one other explaining how he was a very misunderstood man..here i see a pattern.. 😉
would any of you believe that maybe his childhood up bringing, meaning his very pious parents being strict on him would drive him into such dramatic dealings later in his life with Satan?


  1. Well, Satan is a mythological being, so whether or not he had dealing with “Satan” hinges on whether or not you believe in Satan. I do believe his early abuse and conservative upbringing strongly influenced his adult life, and the language he chose to express his Art. And in my opinion it IS art. Poetry. Mythological Stories. Religious Ritual. Sacred and Profane. It seemed to me that he was an artist who chose to blurr the lines. Is he a ‘God?’ Depends on how you define a deity, if all people are one then he too is one, if not then no. By reading him, you can come to understand the absurdity of holding onto our chosen words and worshipping them. That doesn’t mean his “solutions” are all that great, but he did point out very real problems. He was puposefully offenseful in his day, much like Marilyn Manson or Ozzy Osbourne are today, to get press coverage. He was a genius, and while there are many geniuses, he took his genius a very interesting direction, which is why he’s still widely read today. He founded a religion, and called himself the Prophet of the New Age, before the term “New Age” was really in the lexicon. He also considered the rights (and “Will” his favorite word) of the INDIVIDUAL to be sacred, and dedicated his life to this cause.

  2. No, i would describe him as a very smart man with nothing to do but play massive jokes on the gullible.

  3. I think he was a little bit bad yes, more bad than good. He’d clearly read alot of books & seen alot of the world but I don’t think he was a genius – I think he was an idiot, ‘The book of the law’ is so shit it’s not even funny…..


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