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Would you consider telepathy a gift or a curse?

Please don’t say both…I would consider it a curse. You might find out things that you would like to know, but knowing things that a person should never know about another would torment me to no end™¥


  1. After watching Star Trek The Next Generation religiously for years, I’d consider it a curse because I would think that you’d end up feeling the sorrow and despair of others after hearing their thoughts.

  2. I would have to agree with you that it would be a curse. Sometimes I say things in my head, that I thank God no one can hear. Not that it is horrible, but that it is just a split second thought. It is not what I feel in my heart. I am nosy and I would like to know what other’s feel about me, but sometimes ignorance is just bliss! If I knew how they really felt, it would hurt even worst to know they lied. I would only see them as that liar. Yeah, that would be a curse!

  3. I would say a curse. You heard the old saying “What you don’t know won’t hurt”. I believe that. It might help sometimes but overall I think it might hurt.


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