Would you consider somebody with a Ph.D in theology to be a witch doctor?

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Or do they prefer to be called shamans?

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Atheists are still powerless


Spyro, Destroyer of Sheep



Neither- I’d call them a person with a PH.D. in Theology.


I think Witch Doctor is an appropriate term. Sometimes people with Ph.D’s in theology think they are better than everyone else. As if that piece of paper somehow makes them closer to God.
They are often Judgmental Jerks as well!


No, I have actually known a few witch doctors. And I wouldn’t demean them by placing them in the same category as a theologian.


only if they are wiccan.


Neither. You are aware that simply having a Ph.D. in Theology does not necessarily make one a believer in that theology? History shows many many people, heavily educated in theology, that do not believe it at all….and have actually worked to undermine such.
So a Ph.D. in Theology would actually simply indicate (by itself) a person very learned in theology and little more.


Anyone could legally buy a PHD nowadays since most PhD holders drink too much and don’t remember half of what was taught to them.


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