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Would you consider Shamanism the work of Satan ? or an example of Using one's mind to a fuller extent?

Some say they talked and interacted with shadow people.


  1. Minds used to a “lesser extent” are fully capable of ministering to this world. Why seek shadows, when God said “Let there be light.”

  2. Do you mean Neoshamanism, or Shamanism as defined as the tribal priest of primitive cultures? I practice Shamanic trance, but would not call myself a Shaman, because I very much belong to modern society. If this is what you mean, that which I call Neoshamanism, I think it best that you practice the techniques and make up your own mind. “Courage is the Key to Creativity.” Dr. Timothy Leary. I suggest the book, “Way of the Shaman,” by Michael Harner. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Harner

  3. It’s too broad a term to answer . Some is used in a wrong way, some is good. Shadow people are bad. I don’t talk to them . I kick them out.

  4. Shamanism is one of the oldest practices in the world. The world of the Shaman is the same as the world of the mystic of all religions. I see a true shaman as a very holy person and as much one with God as I am. We can learn a lot from them. Studying shamanism and the mystical traditions of other religions helps me to be a better Christian.

    • I love this response. I find it refreshing that I’m not the only open minded Christian out there. Thank you so much for sharing your true view on this with such refreshing honesty!

  5. I studied Shamanism at college, nothing to do with Satan.
    It’s alot of trance states using drums or drugs, lets you see things from another persepective, so I’d say using it stretches the mind.
    Christianity still keeps some Shamanistic rituals, like talking in tongues and faith healing.

  6. Shamanism the work of Satan? No. Not at all.
    I would have to believe in Satan in the first place (which we do not).
    Shamans are healers. Would you consider helping someone, evil?

  7. This is way too broad of an subject to cover here.
    You first have to believe in a satan or one specific demon in order to even consider it being the work of anyone or anything.
    Most true shamanistic practices are pre-christian or traditional, and they are very important in the societies they serve. There isn’t anything good or bad about it, it just is what it is for those societies.
    go here:
    If you are talking new age stuff, then that is a whole different ball game, and that is what the practitioner makes it, but dark or light, not from “satan” or anything like that. Asker you are assuming a christian belief system which does not apply here.
    I am also from Alaska, know shamans, and there is NOTHING evil about it. Poster above, STOP judging traditional culture with a christian belief system, if it isn’t for you, then like anything else, choose not to personally participate, no one is forcing you. Judging from your avatar, you don’t really belong there anyway. Move back Outside (to the lower 48 for you non-Alaskans) if you don’t like the natives, but it isn’t your place to judge them!


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