Would you consider reincarnation a form of "hell"?





Not in terms of coming back as a cock roach..but the idea of living again, bound within flesh again, not really being free again.


  1. No offense intended for those of us who believe in reincarnation but there is no such. Having said that, there are accounts from holy men who were allowed to see and describe the horrors of hell (for our edification) and one such account speaks of the damned as receiving a new fleshy body again and again only to have that body devoured by worms again and again (for all eternity).

  2. As much as things may suck economically and politically right now, the world itself is beautiful, and I do enjoy the thought of living many lives throughout different times. I would rather be here to be learning and growing than floating around without purpose in ‘paradise.’
    I find paradise every time I head into my backyard or take a trip up to the big lakes where there isn’t anything but trees, water, and animals. Paradise is in your mind. Wherever your heart would like it to be. It’s difficult to comprehend happiness without a little pain to judge it next to. You appreciate it a little more that way. I’d rather be here.

  3. I have held the opinion for a while that the christian concepts of hell were in actuality, the perceptions/memorys of people who had been stuck in a loop of generally negative and destructive past lives, and that since all the “visions” of hell they had(which were actually visions/memorys of past lives) were negative, repeating as far as they could perceive… it would be intepereted as tormenting and eternal.
    personally I find the reincarnation system to be the only way that Loving Justice as we know God gives, to be possible, and that it is not generally negative, even though at times it seems that way.
    there is a purpose to everything, 🙂

  4. To any of those who don’t follow this faith, it might not sound so bad. However, those who believe in this faith want to reach the ultimate peace by finally being a part of eternal resistance without being on this planet. Sorry, I’m a little rusty on my Hinduism.
    All I know is that Life on Earth is considered undesirable, and an individual may engage in religious practices in each life until eventually earning release from the cycle of rebirth, losing individuality, and achieving union with the infinite spirit (nirvana).

  5. I would see it as a form of immortality. Me getting to live forever is a good thing. Good things don’t happen to you in Hell.

  6. Not at all. I consider reincarnation a form of “school” as the only reason you would be sent back is because you failed to learn something important. When you’ve learned all life’s lessons you get to stay in heaven. 🙂

  7. That is the point of reincarnation. You get reincarnated until you get things right, then you transcend. Problem is no one has any idea how many times it might take, 10 or 10,000,000 or what basis one might trust this. After all there are billions of souls at stake, how will they assure us that this is good and right?

  8. This all depends on whether you have accumulated so much bad karma that merits you the suffering you have brought upon your self

  9. That actually is the original hindu buddhist image. The idea is to finally perfect & free yourself from reincarnation…to finally be free.
    I assume there are other variations of belief by now.

  10. Look around you. There are people in this world living a hell the first time around. There is starvation, there is sickness, there is ignorance, there is war. This is a sign of God’s love since it stims directly from his giving us free will.
    This free will has not moved many Christians to try to truely relieve these sufferings. There plight is to await God’s blessings in the next live. Coming back as a cock roach might be a relieve to them.

  11. No, not at all. Reincarnation is simply living to learn the lessons God wants you and needs you to learn. Your soul is immortal, does it really make sense for you to spend a few years in a mortal existence and, depending on what you did in the existence, the rest of eternity possibly in hell? Isn’t that a waste of a soul? Wouldn’t it be better to let souls live many different lives, learning more and more about God each time until they arrived at a point spiritually, where they could truly grasp the Entirety of the Reason for the Universe?

  12. I personally would not. That is one aspect of most eastern religions that I don’t really understand, the belief that non-existence is better than living again.

  13. I guess you could. In Hinduism, Naraka (commonly translated as “hell”) is used symbolically to refer to the negative state of mind caused by ego-centric attachments and desires which obscures the light of the infinite reality and causes rebirth in the limited world. But there is no actual place like hell.

  14. In a sense, yes. But there are also many good experiences in life to balance out those moments of hell. I know I have considered the thought more times than I would like.

  15. I believe that we come back (in human form only) until we are done learning.We are the ones that choose..we are not forced.
    So in other words, it is my fault I am here.
    I sure the hell am never coming back.

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