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Would you consider Jesus to have been a psychic, reiki master, medium, and….?

master of consciousness through creative intent? They have classes for all this stuff and if you start to believe it and are curious, maybe you will understand more of how Jesus did these things. Love is great, surrendering to a higher consciousness is great too. Your immortality seems important, or you wouldn’t be on this site. Why limit yourself to just one heaven, when there are many, including the ones you will create.(And we may choose to inhabit or experience your creation). Knowledge is so much more available now than it was back then. The secret is out.
I am curious on what the bible is clear about, in the ways of punishment?


  1. My immortality doesn’t have anything to do with Yahoo Q&A – I just click here first ….
    Your question – in all holy equivalents Jesus was those things…
    And according to our bible … (the english one) theres more than one heaven… and knowledge means jack without understanding …

  2. Jesus Christ is absolutely not a psychic, reiki master, or spiritist medium, and he will judge psychics, reiki masters, and spiritist mediums. The Bible is clear what their judgement will be.

  3. I think you are right on. Jesus used these things to communicate with all that is. I think he tried to tell us that we could do the same things. It’s sad that some think these things are evil or from the devil. God gave us all the tools we need to grow and learn in this life. We can connect to all that is whenever we need to.
    Love & Light
    One Planet = One People

  4. The founder of Reiki was guided by a Group Entity that was of the same ilk – although not as large – as the one Jesus/Issa channeled. In fact, the founder of Reiki actually prayed to be given the same Gift of Healing that Jesus had.
    Jesus/Issa/Yuz Asaf was an angel prophet and medium who had a Gift of Charisma, Telekinesis, Prophecy, Manifestation, and Healing. He channeled a large Group Entity (that he came from in the Mid Realms of Spirit) that contained millions of members.
    The purpose of his life, as he and his GE saw it, was to fulfill Old Testament messianic prophecy. His GE elected him to be their messenger. He was not a Saint or a god, just an angel prophet. The minor miracles manifested from a number of large Group Entities (which were also done through missionaries like Paul of Tarsus) are the reason why the Jesus god icon became popular over the years. The soul of Jesus never actually ascended to a Godhead in the Spirit, which is why he has never returned to “reign on Earth for a thousand years.”

  5. The Jesus I know is just what He says He is. The son of God, sent to save man, not destroy him. As for the secret being out, it has always been there, all you have to do is read it. And while we are on this subject, did you happen to read the category? It clearly says Religion and Spirituality, not Anti-religious and non-spirituality. Atheism is not a religion. It is lack of religion and there is nothing spiritual about it. Take your half baked theories somewhere, anywhere, but here.

  6. I agree. If you study about people that have had near death experiences it seems clear to me that we each create our own version of heaven when we die based on our beliefs. Some have a traditional christian experience, while others that believe in evolution, or that we are part of God and return to God, reincarnation, or even Sylvia Brown’s theories experience our own version that we create. People are greeted at the light by relatives, while others are greeted by God, Jesus, Buddha, etc. Some have even been greeted by their pets.

  7. I don’t consider Jesus a Reiki master. He never really did teach anyone else the secrets of hands-on healing, did he? And the term “Reiki” wasn’t coined until 100 years ago.
    I’m not a Christian and my motivation for spiritually-based learning isn’t to be like Jesus. It’s to be the best person I can be.


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