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Would you consider giving an amethyst sterling silver or eternity ring as an engagement ring?

I have seen at least only one question on this website in which someone had asked a similar question about this, but I do remember some people on here saying that you can give those two kind of rings as engagement rings. Yes, I know about the purpose of an eternity ring, but I just need reassurance about what I’m asking here. It would be just absolutely terrible to get the wrong ring for the wrong reason. >_<


  1. Well, eternity rings are certainly ok, and if you know the girl likes amethyst, then that would be great… it shows you’re really thinking about what she likes. I mean, you know you’re relationship and if something like that seems to represent your relationship better tha the traditional single diamond, then that’s definitely the way to go.

  2. You can get her any kind of ring that you think she would like for her engagement ring! The key here is ‘that she would like”, don’t get her something that YOU like not knowing if she would or not. Find out what styles she likes and go from there. If this is something you think she would like, look in to a white gold band rather than sterling – sterling tarnishes rather quickly and needs more upkeep. The white gold will be virtually worry free and much sturdier.
    Good Luck!

  3. The best thing to do is take your fiancee shopping. Tell her your budget limitations. Let her show you what kind of rings she likes within the budget. After all, she is the one who will be wearing the ring for a long, long time.
    Then you can go back later and buy one of the rings she prefers.
    Now . . . some will say that is not romantic. But it is much, much better than having a deeply disappointed fiancee who is not pleased with the ring. As I said before, she is the one who will be wearing it . . . and wearing it for a very long time. The ring should be chosen with her taste in mind, not yours.
    Good luck to you.

  4. I love gemstones and much prefered having a gemstone engagment ring over a diamond. Diamond vs. gemstone depends on your lady but the ring should be unique to her tastes. As far as metal I would get white gold or stainless steel since they are much more durable than silver and don’t require cleaning every few weeks.
    I’m not a fan of the eternity bands though.
    a. because they are very expensive and a pain in the ass to resize and every woman has to resize her rings at least once in her life time
    b. because what exactly is the point of paying for the stones on the bottom of your finger? Its like paying for a diamond inside the band. You can’t see them and they are just more likely to get damaged or dirty that way. Might as well take that money and get better quality stones where they can be seen or just save it all together.

  5. It really depends on your fiancee. If she has mentioned to you that she would rather have gemstones instead fo diamonds, then give her what she wants!
    I would have loved a ruby as an egagment ring, I am not a diamond person. My husband compromised with a diamond solitare and ruby wrap. I love it!
    I am sure she will love whatever ring you give her, and if she doesn’t you can always exchange it, it’s the thought that counts!

  6. An eternity band because it has diamond all around it is a bad choice if it ever needs to be resized. I would consider just diamonds half way around. That is what my wife has for her wedding band but smaller than most eternity bands.
    If she loved amethyst I would get it for her, but not with sterling silver. I would go for 18k gold or platinum, and probably have side stones that were diamonds.

  7. I would have love to have gotten an amethyst sterling silver ring, but definitely not an eternity ring.
    I don’t think an engagement ring has to be diamond!


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