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Would you consider excessive déjà vu to be psychic powers or coincidence?

I at least once a week experience déjà vu, but generally sit there and think I’m crazy I just think that I have already done this or this person said exactly that…


  1. haha your not alone … i dont know how to answer that question … sorry but i thought you might wanna know that 😛
    i get them too … there just small little things like you thinks you’ve seen a certain perosn doing a certain thing … then you see it again and your like oommggzz lololol
    not once a week though … maybe once a month … but i got them way more often when i was younger

  2. even if you had déjà vu every 30 seconds of your life I wouldn’t consider it having any “powers”. Unless we dont agree on the meaning of the word “power”.

  3. Deja vu is caused from the memories stored in your subconscious mind coming together to form an image, remember a smell, seeing a person, or the way an event happens that is actually a compilation of all of the things you have ever seen, done, smelled, experienced, touched, or heard. When you get that feeling, it’s just coincidence that your subconscious came up with the right combination of things to make you think you’ve been there-done that before.


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