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Would you consider Cole (the little boy who sees dead people from the 6th sense) has clairvoyance?

I am writing and extra credit paper and I am not sure if this variation of ESP is correct with his character.
i am talking about the CHARACTER in the movie. I know that Haley Joel Osment doesnt actually claim to have clairvoyance

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  1. Most people would consider him a medium. He does not seem to have any more knowledge than the dead memory has.
    It is similar to another (darker) movie that came out around the same time: Stir of Echoes. In that movie it was implied that he might have more clairvoyant like powers, but he had no control over any of his abilities.
    Also, there is an interesting argument that personality/life after death is impossible to prove because of the existence of clairvoyance. The logic goes like this (paraphrased):
    1) Clairvoyance has been proven to exist through Parapsychological statistics.
    2) Any knowledge alleging to come from a dead personality can either be confirmed or not be confirmed (researchable).
    3) If it cannot be confirmed then there is no way to prove that it was not made up (by the subconscious). If it can be confirmed then it could have been learned through clairvoyance (no external personality required).
    4) Therefore you can never prove that information was provided by a dead personality and by extension that personality survives after death.


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