Home Discussion Forum Would you call what happened at Waco,Tx, "Torture" or "Strategy"?

Would you call what happened at Waco,Tx, "Torture" or "Strategy"?

For 51 days, the FBI tortured the people inside the Mt. Carmel center. All utilities, including sanitation, were cut off. Loudspeakers were set up all around the house to blare sounds 24-hours a day, including the sounds of rabbits being slaughtered, the sound a phone makes when it is left off the hook, Tibetan monk chants, jet airplanes, babies crying, and songs such as “these boots are made for walking” and Christmas carols.
Stadium lights were set up to keep the place lit up 24 hours a day. Military tanks, including M1 Abrams and Bradley’s, were brought in and rapidly circled the house, firing percussion grenades, continuously. The tanks would charge up to the house and then stop within feet of the house repeatedly.
Black helicopters flew overhead. Two Huey gunships also flew over frequently, guns mounted in front.
It’s funny how Libs like Clinton, all of the left…were behind this…when Waco Tx. was the scene of the houseburning party with David Koresch
Now, If this isn’t torture,…what was it?? We did less, to terrorists..
They destroyed his Camaro…The people inside,..were using Kerosene lamps…to see, and to heat the cold place in that April 19…
When the tanks went it, it is suspected that that is what caused the firey explosion..
anyway…Why is this not considered Torture Tactics..but waterboarding, is?
lol…this isn’t a ‘belief’ it is just fact. HA
Jane M…..could you be referring to Mena Ark. by any chance…….uh huh…yep we know.


  1. Shhhh. You cannot discuss Waco. All you need to know is that a group of “extremists” were hold up there. Never mind the fact they could have grab Koresch when he was in town alone. Instead they let him go back so they could slaughter Innocent people.

  2. The killers of four ATF agents were holed up in that compound. If David Koresh had submitted to a lawful arrest and awaited his day in court this would not have happened. Instead the meagalomaniacal Koresh took down his followers with him.

  3. Sounds like harrasment to me…were any of the Wac(k)os touched in any way? Nope… I guess you really don’t have any clue as to what torture means…

  4. lol soon you will grow up little girl. The only question there was whether excessive force was used against criminals who’d already fired on authorities.

  5. Bill Clinton and that dike Janet Reno should be tried, convicted and then hung by the neck until dead like the murdering criminals that they are, on the nearest tree big enough to hold them, as close to the compound property as possible.

  6. Because torture does not entail suffering incidental to lawful sanctions. Please read:
    Under 18 USC 2441 torture is is defined as “The act of a person who commits, or conspires or attempts to commit, an act specifically intended to inflict severe pain or mental pain or suffering (other than pain or suffering incidental to lawful sanctions upon another person within his custody or physical control for the purpose of obtaining information or a confession, punishment, intimidation, coercion, or any reason based on discrimination of any kind.”

  7. I lived 3 miles from there when it happened. I heard the gun fight,and all of the noise from the speakers. Believe me, it was torture. For us and the people in the church. The difference was, these were white americans, it is acceptable to persecute us.

  8. Well, they didn’t throw caterpillars into the house, so I guess you can’t call it torture. And of course, being progressives, they were soooo concerned about the children inside. I’m sure they think everything went just swell and they would, therefore, call it strategy.

  9. Interesting! I just read the Book – Waco and Clinton and Reno that talks of ‘This’ very subject! This was under Reno through Clinton that this happened! Did you know that they First started out making METH? TRUE!
    Koresh kicked them out – but that was based on the Drugs and the Warrant that was done – Not Valid! But That’s what the Clinton Administration was All About! Here in Arkansas – They Know the TRUTH of Clinton – Any Wonder why they did not settle Here? That’s Interesting in Itself! Get the Book – “Clinton and Reno or Reno and Clinton” Very good Reading!
    Peace to All and God Bless! Jane.

  10. They were trying to get the people to leave the compound to save their lives. Because they refused after all those attempts, they all died. It wasn’t used on innocent people to get false admissions out of.

  11. People believing and following one man who was a narcissist, much like the Obama people following him ! Like James Jones and the kool-aid ! Yet the people just keep defending him and following him !

  12. We all know what happened at Waco. It was a screw up by the FBI fro beginning to end. How does one poorly planned and executed operation compare to an ongoing policy?

  13. They had every opportunity to put their hands in the air and turn themselves in. They decided to fight the law and the law won. If you or anyone else breaks the law they will come after you, too. It isn’t torture. It’s justice. I guess you would rather let gangs of criminals roam the land like in the old west days?

  14. Yes, and those actions led directly to the Oklahoma City bombing, so maybe torture really does create more terrorists!

  15. Clinton was responsible for the torture that went on in Waco but you will never get a Liberal to agree with this…just like you see people talking about the 6000 troops that have died in Iraq under the Bush presidency but you don’t see them saying a word about the 55,000 troops that died in Viet Nam under Kenndy and Johnson. It’s always “do as I say, not as I do”.

  16. It was genocide but Clinton/Reno probably called it strategy. Billy Boy has plenty of that type of elimination experience.

  17. Before the Branch Davidians moved to Waco Tx., they lived in a small community just east of where I live now near Palestine, Texas. I actually knew several of the people who lived there and even met David Koresh. They were hard working, simple needs people who (in my opinion) were decent and very nice.
    What happened to them in Waco was criminal and the perpetrators should have been prosecuted for murder. They did NOT instigate the situation and were in fear for their lives, rightfully so, as is obvious now.
    The lies made up about them by the Federal government were just that, LIES.
    I watched the whole thing unfold from beginning to end. They did not fire the first shots and were murdered by a bunch of gung ho asssholes for no good reason at all.
    Why….because they owned too many guns? That’s bullshiit…do the math. How many weapons versus how many people?
    Why…because they “suspected” child abuse? B/S…so they kill everyone, women and children?
    AND yes, they were tortured for weeks and finally murdered…innocent citizens of the United States of America by “our own” government. .


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