Would you be scared or unwilling to attend a kick back in compton ca?

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If so why wouldnt you go? it has this bad aura hovering over it but a lot has changed. Ppl may think its a ganster party but there is never gangsters at our parties. If you want to go look me up on myspace eabenitez@hotmail.com for info and so you can see whos going. I
im not racist but we don’t hang out with blacks much…and there aren’t many in the area. the instant area is predominantly Hispanic.

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Nah my neighborhood is filled with hood rats but even though crime and poverty rates have gone down this will be my first year living in a nice neighborhood and I don’t intend on moving back to the hood.

agnostic latino

Scared AND unwilling.
I have many reasons why I wouldnt go.


Ghetto blacks.
Enough said

j0rdan (jkiins)

if i knew other people i’d go. but i wouldn’t go to a party anywhere with people who i don’t know.


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