Would you be interested in a course to learn about Astral Projection?

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Would you be interested in a easy to follow course outlining the steps to learning Astral Projection?

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Cooky Munster

i have astral projection every day

scooterpoop supreme contributor

Demonstrate first so that I know you’re not a fraud.

Splashing a Backup Frog

No. I’m not a 14 year old girl..


Who’s going to teach it? Someone who knows how to do it? HAHAHAHAHA

The Man Who Laughs

Yes, I am a 14 year old girl.


no thanks


I will have a look.
Dang I can’t see anything it must be because I don’t have an account.

Duck is Quackers!

Astral projection is nearly as preposterous as the christian imaginary sky critter.


Yes, I like the Dream control way cuz its another gateway to the Astral-Planes.
Imagine the Astral realm as the ocean. Dream is the sandy beach and lucid dreaming is like walking barefoot in the tide.
Lucid dreaming, for most, is the most practical doorway into the astral world and second to that is the best way to become aware of how much control you can have of the circumstances of your life and how you can pursue the depth of the “rabbit hole” on purpose and with better information retention…READ MORE!


Astral projections are not real.

Miss Shunnary

nah, seems like it would be more work than it’s worth

Consciousness Creates

who are saying its not real.I am a theosophist and I believe in astral projections.

Adelaide V.

Can I learn how to Astral Project myself into someone else’s body like on Freaky Friday? 🙂




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