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Would you be interested in a book to be called "Parapsychology & the Skeptics"?

This book would be a critical examination of the arguments of the skeptics of parapsychology. It would examine the history of the controversy; the nature of organizations such as CSICOP; the arguments of prominent skeptics such as Blackmore, Randi, and Wiseman; and the compatibility of ESP with modern science.
It would be written at a sophisticated level, with plenty of discussion of philosophical issues and of the possible relevance of quantum mechanics to the debate. It would also include some interesting stories about ESP from history, from ancient to modern times, and from many different cultures.
If I wrote such a book, would you be interested in reading it?


  1. That depends. What is your angle? That CSICOP is wrong and that ESP is real?
    Then I dare you to use telekinetic power to make me say I would, ‘cuz I won’t.

  2. Wow, that sounds like it would be a fantastic book- and right up my alley too. I think I would be your biggest fan!

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