Would you attend a Buddhist meditation service if it had free weed?

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Buddha once spoke of the Bowl of Jade. In Oriental cultures the relaxing effects of thc have been noted as compatible with an understanding of meditation and nature.

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Joy of Jesus

Nope, a lot of false prophets and sinners will be there, so nope.

Lord Uggle

I don’t smoke weed so it wouldn’t make a difference to me.

SSF Tofu Beast

I would attend it even without the weed.



Harry C

I would attend even if there was no free weed. It’s on my bucket list to attend at least one religious service of each of the 5 big world religions. Buddhism is one I still need to check off.


I’d go just to have a look see, with or without the weed

Gorgeoustx Go Spurs Go!

Yes, but it would not take free weed for me to visit a meditation service.

Patio of Fun

I don’t think weed would help with meditation.

Graciela, RIRS

Only if there was also free pizza. The munchies are a serious condition.


That goes against the Teachings of Buddha.
The cause of Suffering is attachment to Impermanence. When your weed is gone, when the high is gone, your back in Hell.
True Enlightenment requires effort and abstaining from intoxicants. The high you get from Meditation is greater than any plant can give. You alone have the power to produce this and you alone can prevent it.

I'm right you're wrong.

F U C K yeah dude WEEEED and it’s freeeeee


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