>> Would you ATHEISTS turn away from ATHEISM if you were touched by an angel ? <<?

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Or if you saw a messenger angel. And that angel gave a great
revelation to you. About having a calling on your life, and being able to help people by telling them about CHRIST.
I could imagine if you had a great awakening, like Scrooge
did, when he denied Christmas. How you would react to
life, if you knew the consequences of your actions and your
ways ? I mean, to have something like this take place, is
bigger than a vision. You would be taken completely out
of your element, and put in a position like never before.
Or like the man who looked up in the sky, and saw a Cross
beneath the clouds…… He led Europe to a spiritual revolution.
And guess what, he used to think of The Almighty, the same
way some of you do. Now. Would you Atheists turn away
from Atheism, if you were touched by an angel ? That
would be your proof. Best answer wins. ~~~
Hey Kryan 957. If you don’t like the
questions I asked, then don’t answer
it you meathead…..

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Ben M.

Just too bad it will never happen.

Road Horse

Would you worship Zeus if you were hit by lightening?
Would you worship Quetzalcoatl if you witnessed the New Fire rite?
Would you turn away from Christianity if Allah called you?

BIrdy (R.I.P)

I would call the police. Bad angel!

Pantay Wayst

This angel better not have any salami in his pants.



magley 63.5

if it was a hot girl angel…


hallucinations are not beyond the explanation of science.


I have been touched by the noodly goodness, I don’t need anything else.

Jeff S

Yes. Dude, you will find atheists are very fond of evidence, reason, and accountability. if God decided to provide us with all of those things, we’d follow.
God has chosen to just ignore us for a few thousand years. i don’t think he’ll mind if I extend him the same courtesy.

Miss Wigglesworth

Sorry, hun. I shook Della Reese’s hand once and she was a normal person just like the rest of us. Angels don’t exist.


Why don’t you ask a question about the philosophy of atheism or something like your supposed to instead of focusing on the people?

jonjon v2.0 (censored)

Translation: If Christianity was directly demonstrated to you, would you believe? In other words, are atheists just being stubborn?
Much virtue in “if”!
I mean, I could ask you whether you’d convert to Islam if the angel Gabriel appeared to you and confirmed that Muhammed was right about everything. But what’s the point of that rhetorical question?
Incidentally, “miracles” of the sort you’ve described have occurred in every religious tradition in the world. While it strains credulity to insist that the people to whom these miracles occurred were all deluded, or liars, it should be evident that the dogmatic interpretation of these events cannot possibly be true, because they rule each other out.


Would you christians turn away from christianity if research into faster than light particles let us observe the past–and you discovered there was no flood, there were no 10 plagues of egypt, there was no man named moses, there was no jesus, and there was no crucifixition? So for my answer–I’ll show you mine if you show me yours lol.

Phoenix -!-

I would be highly skeptical of an unwitnessed angel encounter. I would assume it was a hallucination or vivid dream unless someone else could corroborate.
If it inspired me to FURTHER attempt to help people (since that is already my career), then great. It wouldn’t prove any god. And I’d imagine an angel would realize I could do more through other works than through “spreading Jesus.”

Nick W

I’ve no idea how I would react until it happened. If offered undeniable proof of the existence of God then I suspect I would renounce atheism. As it stands there is no proof, so remain an atheist.

Sips With Da Fishes, AM MH Carpo

My wife would get upset if I let Angel touch me.


I think that ‘being touched by an angel’ is never going to happen!
Angels DO NOT exist, just myths based on even earlier beliefs and religions!
The REAL ‘angels’ are the Atheists, who are trying to save Humanity from the total insanity that is Religion!!!

Zen Pirate

If I fall off a building and Superman sweeps out of the sky and saves me I will reconsider my position that he was a fictional character as well.


I would get in my car and drive to the nearest shrink / mental institution.
Listen, this can’t be a serious question. Atheists don’t believe in God, therefore they don’t believe in angels, therefore this is unthinkable. I can’t just say, “Yes, of course I’d devote my life to teach others about Christ.” I know I wouldn’t.
And about the “Spiritual Revolution”: I haven’t heard of this before (whcih doesn’t mean I don’t believe there was such a thing, just that I haven’t heard of it), but think of what exactly that is. It’s a violent way of forcing people to believe in something they don’t. And this cross brought that with it? I wouldn’t want to see a cross if I had to kill people over it…


No, I would file a sexual harassment lawsuit. Freaking pervy angels need to learn to keep their hands to themselves!


very few atheists would say no , because they just think it is a lot of hogwash , but if that time really happened and believe me it does , most of them i am sure will change there ways. they just do not know it yet. God has lots of ways to reach your heart all you got to do is stop denying and resisting something that you know is real but you are just to stubborn to accept it, and it will be that stubborness that will see you in hell if you dont come to repent.

Lucky Bunny (Hug Brigade)

As Atheism, or indeed Theism, refers to the BELIEF in a God, I would say that I certainly would.
However I would still not change my religious stance, which is not one of a Christian. I do not follow the Christian God. I do not follow ANY God. I follow only a path of love, and I choose not to question the existence or non-existence of a God.
I find it important to lead a life that not only keeps me happy and fulfilled, but is one of bringing light to others.
If an Angel of the Christian God were to pay me a visit, I’m sure She would return soon after with a glowing report. Along with a request that I would not be summoned to Heaven or Hell, only to be re-born and continue my work in the next life.
Loving and peaceful in Nature


meathead is the proper term for your 3 pound brain

Jeff D

I’m sorry, zulu man, but by a wide margin, your questions are the most inane and pointless of any that I have seen on R&S in about 2 months . . . but, I know, it’s early.
There are no angels, and never were. Angels are imaginary. I could have any number of profound, wordless “spiritual” or “transcendent” experiences inside my brain, just as I have had such experiences occasionally in the past. But not having been indoctrinated into any particular system of superstitious nonsense, I am not foolish enough to label such experiences as “Jesus” or “god” or “being touched by an angel.”
News flash: I learn the consequences of my actions and my ways as I live my life, and the longer I live, the more I learn, and the better I get at being able to predict the good and bad consequences. Why would I need to think about some imaginary fairy-being giving me insight?
I guess your “man who looked up in the sky, and saw a Cross” refers to Constantine. Many of the accounts of what Constantine saw (before the battle of the Milvian Bridge) were forgeries, so it’s not really clear what he saw, or what he said he saw. And no, Constantine was not an atheist before his “conversion” to Christianity. He was a pagan and a believer in the sun god Sol Invictus, and there is good evidence that Constantine continued to believe in Sol Invictus until his death. He regarded the official recognition of Christianity as a state-sanctioned or accepted religion as politically expedient, and not much more.

Maki P

Would I renounce Atheism if I was Touched by an Angel? Well obviously I would since I’d have undeniable proof of the existence of divinity; the lack of is the reason I’m an atheist in the first place


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