Home Discussion Forum Would time travel be possible by using magick?

Would time travel be possible by using magick?

Now I have the idea of using astral projection to get in tune with the godhead aka my higher self and using that power to go back in time. Sorta like past life regression but I want to just go back a few months in time and stay in that time to relive the time. Does that sound like it could work?


  1. medicine men and women
    can do it.
    some rely on the Creator
    red elk talks about it…
    bringing extinct ceramony
    to the present,and it works.
    so ya,its possible.
    red elk is on you tube

  2. Just like jesus, god, Santa and the Easter Bunny, magic isn’t real. It is scientifically plausible to go forward in time, but not backwards (at least, not without figuring out how to harness Tachyons; little sub-atomic particles that appear to flow backwards, against time). But to go forward in time, you need to be traveling at the speed of light or faster.
    Let’s say you’re orbiting around the earth at the speed of light for what to you is 5 years. When you come back to earth, 5 years passed for you, but for everyone else, it’s been much longer. This is because physical time (aging) is actually fictional, it is nothing but our perception of what the earth’s gravitational force gradually does to our bodies over the years of gravitational pressure pushing/pulling our bodies downward.

  3. No science, whether magical or material, can physically take you back in time at this point in human progress, although I’m not certain it can at all. I don’t think time works that way.
    You could probably psychically “relive” that time, but unless there’s some specific lesson you feel you need to learn by reliving it, that’s probably ill advisable. There are certain methods used in non-hypnotic past life recall which could be useful. Lucid dreaming might also offer some assistance.

  4. It could work, but not with your physical self, only your spiritual self. And I think it would take years of practice to train yourself to get to that point. So no, you probably couldn’t.

  5. We are comprised of energy just as everything in the universe. Since everything is energy I would think that “yes” one could project themselves to a different point on the time line.
    In math the number line goes from zero to infinity just as the time line. It also goes in the negative just as time.
    Is it possible? In my opinion ANYTHING is possible.


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