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Would time slow down If one were to travel the speed of light?

I have read places that If you travel the speed of light, space time would virtually stop. Is this true? What do quantum mechanics say about this?


  1. It would absolutely stop. Quantum mechanics has nothing to do with it; this is a relativistic effect. But nothing with a mass greater than zero can actually travel at the speed of light.

  2. Although I do not fully understand the quantum mechanics, it is true that if you travel fast enough, time will either slow down or stop. For example, an astronaut in the space shuttle moves so fast they are actually a few seconds younger. Albert Einstein’s famous E=MC^2 is energy equals mass and speed (something like that.) Although if you moved the speed of light, you would turn into energy, but that has never happened. Read Albert Einstein’s theories, you may find something more.

  3. Yes, the closer you are to traveling the speed of light, the slower time is, say, relative to like people on earth. So 1 second to you would be like 1,000 or whatever years to them or something.

  4. If you actually succeeded in travlling at light speed, time would stop for you, and your body would convert into Cherenkov radiation. You would not survive.

  5. If you were traveling at .99999999999999 of light speed, the factor of time dilation is around 7073895.35. Which means for every year you spent traveling at that speed, 7.07 million years will pass on earth.
    this is using the time dilation equations that use the Lorentz Transformation…it doesnt have anything to do with quantum mechanics. the link below has more info plus you can plug values into the calculator and play around with it yourself. remember that the velocity value has to be less than 1, since the speed of light = 1 in these equations…but note what happens when you put 1 into the calculator…i’ll let you find out!

  6. The answer depends upon who the observer is. If you travel past me near the speed of light (it would take infinite energy to get you to the full speed of light) your clock would appear to be running slow to me but and my clock would appear to be running slow to you. Each of us would see our own clocks traveling with us operating on time. Technically, we can’t tell who is actually the one doing the moving since the whole idea behind special relativity is that there is no absolute frame of reference at rest.
    There is no conflict between quantum mechanics and general relativity since they are independent theories. Attempts to combine the two theories into a grand unification theory have been unsuccessful thus far.

  7. it’s called Relativity because it all depends on where you are in the system.
    ok…you’re movin’ along…from your point of view, your watch ticks along as usual…out the window everyone else seems to be going awful slow…think of flying down freeway traffic @ 150mph on a Ninja…every other body is moving too…but to you , they’re standing still.Reality just happens to come at you at the speed of light.no matter how close you are to an object ,you are seeing it as it WAS…
    again, time is mearly a local ordinal device invented by Humans to figure out when the cake is done !!
    the universe don’t know what time it is…
    Check out “Einstein’s Universe” by Nigel Calder.
    He makes things very clear.


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