Home Discussion Forum Would this be considered a psychic attack....?

Would this be considered a psychic attack….?

Some guys at work are beginning to annoy me…
they make noise by hitting something to make noise
but what makes me think that it is a psychic attack is that normally the noise alone would not bother me
but when they do it there is like rage behind it
so I was wondering if they are attaching something to the noise to make it a psychic attack
if it isnt a psychic attack then what is it


  1. NO a psychic attack is when some unseen force does something to you i.e. makes you feel sick or like youre being strangled.

  2. i think psychic attacks is when you break things using telekinesis or something. I think you mean telepathic….oh wait, you don’t need to make noise to do that, all i would have to do is stare at you until you get a headache, bahahaha.
    i dunno.

  3. lol, no this is more psychological in your head. if you want you could make yourself feel the pains of a headache, and you can also make them go away. this is all in your head. if you ignore it then it wont bother you.

  4. Nope – its YOU that is attaching meaning to the noise and allowing it to affect you because you know they are making it. If you werent so superstitious, you’d see that.

  5. No, you’re just paranoid. There’s no such thing as a psychic attack. Maybe whatever they are hitting is ringing at a frequency just beyond your hearing range – like a dog whistle – which can be annoying.

  6. They are probably tired and bored from all the work they are doing ..:)) .or maybe they just try ton annoy you ….did you talk to them?

  7. The rage you sense behind it is more likely a projection on your part than something they’re putting in; so to some degree, you’re psychically attacking them. In your annoyance, you’re projecting a negative motivation onto them, thereby presuming them to have evil intentions.
    Do you really know their motivations? What reason do you have to think their motivation is to attack you, personally?
    Have you said anything to them about the noise?

  8. Well I have never heard of a psychic attack made by a noise,
    Psychic means relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, involving telepathy or clairvoyance.
    Your sounding as though your aggrivated by the noise, and on some days it bothers you and other days it does not, I would would suggest you have a talk with your superior and say what has been going on.


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