Home Discussion Forum Would the world be a utopia if everyone was an enlightened Buddha?

Would the world be a utopia if everyone was an enlightened Buddha?

by No Chance Without Woof Woof:

Answer by Canya Blowme
yes, it would be an end of preferences and you can’t have conflict without preferences


  1. NO .. since it believes and teaches that each person is in the state they are for reasons in a former life it excuses people from helping others -so it would be great for those with power and wealth and misery for those without
    oh hang on – thats the present world

  2. Nope it would be a giant pile of crap, because attaining enlightenment requires a long time of sitting around doing nothing. Nothing would get done and everyone would be sitting around waiting for donations from each other.

  3. the world would be a jenny craig dream, as buddha has a really big belly…
    i can see us now…fat bellied, bald-headed, peace-loving, robe-wearing, peace-niks…

  4. actually the goal of buddhism is to reach “nirvana” which is commonly confused with heaven or paradise, but actuall means “extinction or disappearance” of the individual soul… So I guess we would all disappear as individuals and wouldnt know the difference any way… anyway dont take my word for it, look it up your self… Some helpful sites, truthnet.org, gotquestions.org… definitions, dictionary.com

  5. NO. It implies each person is a result of their past life… so a baby born disabled and with AIDs.. it’s their fault.


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