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Would the world be a better place if we were skilled in telepathy?

Or would we be worse off?
If you could be selective..turn it off at will, could only listen to people you focused on


  1. That depends what you mean by telepathy. Can one person read another persons mind without the consent of the other, most people would find this unsettling because our minds are private places. I honestly think telepathy could have its uses and benefits, however if everyone in the world could read thoughts I would see more negative things to come out of it.

  2. I think the world would be worse off. Firstly, if we could all read eachothers minds then everytime we thought a bad thing about someone, they would know. Everytime we thought something dirty about someone, they would know. Your deepest feelings and thoughts would always be on display for everyone to see. It would make the world more chaotic and people would fight over every little detail. But then again… If we all knew eachothers thoughts we wouldn’t have to wonder if someone was pretending to like us, or if someone loved us. There wouldn’t be any fighting over what someone thinks about someone else because you could just read it in their mind. So would it make the world a better place? Maybe. Would it make the world a worse place? Probably.

  3. it would be different.
    but neither better nor worse.
    just different.
    i wouldn’t like people reading my mind all day long though.
    and vice versa.

  4. when humans finally come to a point where they are telepathic we’ll have been much further along in our evolution as responsible and compassionate inhabitants of planet earth 🙂


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