Would the universe exist without consciousness to observe it?

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Scientists have estimated the universe to be at least 13.75 billion years old. We assume this based on experiments and observation. But I would like to know if the universe’s age matters if there’s no consciousness. Who would perceive and think that the universe exists? And if nothing can observe the universe, does it exist then?
For example, if i don’t exist then you don’t exist to me. If you don’t exist, then I don’t exist to you either. Therefore, can it be said that the existence of the universe also depends on consciousness?

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If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it REALLY make a noise?


These endless recursions are common to the philosophical descendants of Descartes. That is why the silly koans, which are just meant to get a neophyte to stop the constant head-noise of certainty, are so sticky in the minds of westerners.
Descartes concepts have long been shown to be invalid, yet are still taught in schools.

Alan Turing



yes, it has done so long before we go here…


The universe would not exist without the consciousness to create it.


“Uniontera poem is to ferrari what big bang theory is to porsche.”
We need to know the meaning of uniontera’s time.
It’s real.
Hope it helps.
Existence is the time expressed by light itself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN1jTwHUC7E
1. Arrow A is the laser work. (Same time work)
2. Arrow B is the reason of gravity. (also, Higgs boson individually / Different time work)
3. The rose line is the beginning light. (result from Bible)
4. The existence of different time. (result from relativity of light)
5. 2 dimension is not a space. (result from 2-axis, math)
6. Universe came from nothing. (result from No.5 / cf. Playing with bubbles)
6-1. A barrier[posititon] exist between the inner and outer bubbles. But universe do not have that barrier. (Cause of Inertia / Reason of Sun / Position of Antimatter / Origin of Fire / cf. Expansion)
6-2. Nothing is not a no existence. No existence is a zero dimension. There is two zero dimension. One has a position. The other doesn’t have a position. These different positions were connected by something. That “something” is not a what but a way. (Cause of Light / cf. Ether)
7. Progress / Event / Probability is a time. (This is my trinity.)
8. Wave-particle duality of light, creation & evolution, uncertainty principle, etc. (result from No.7)
9. Coalescing of different time. (Cause of Rotation & Spin / Equator has plenty of time.)
10. Your so-called black hole is a wholly condensed time. (cf. Kerr spacetime)
11. The reason of “your so-called magnetic field”. (result from step3 and 4)
11-1. The reason of “your so-called dark matter”. (result from step3 to 4 / Energy-Mass duality / cf. Dark energy “step4 to 3”)
12. The reason of “your so-called electric field”. (result from the crack of time / Same time’s crack is a different time’s connection. / Cause of Static electricity)
13. Your so-called “space” is a crack of time. (result from No.12 / Cause of Lightning)
14. Boundary is a crack of space. (result from No.13 / Same space’s crack is a different time’s contact. / Cause of Superfluid / cf. Fractal)
15. Boundary is nothing. Your so-called hole is a boundary itself. Also, nothing is K=0 temperature. (result from No.14 / cf. Calabi-Yau, Hilbert space)
16. This is a wall of your so-called fire. (result from No.15) – copyright รขโ€œโ€™ uniontera
Our nonsense has come from one time. Uniontera is a key.
English is not my first language, sorry!
If it is difficult to understand, just remember & enjoy “Hand touching everything is a time”. This is the only one result of uniontera.


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