Would the "jumpers" from 9/11 have lost consciousness before they landed?

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I know its a sensitive subject but I was just curious. I got told once that jumping from such a height would cause you to lose consciousness before you landed and I believed this for a while and it gave me comfort knowing you wouldn’t feel pain, but then I thought about skydiving and realised they don’t lose consciousness so now I’m confused.

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Tyler M

Ok the only reason they would lose consciousness would be from freight.. as in they knew they didn’t have parachutes and were so scared on the way down they blacked out. But no that’s not high enough to lose consciousness from lack of air…

Tyler P

Nope. It’s like skydiving but at a short distance without the parachute. But there are operations in the military where they fly at extremely high altitudes and the jumpers have to wear gas masks because the oxygen is extremely thin. My old baseball coach who used to be in the air force said sometimes they would be in the air for 25 minutes straight with gas masks.


well someone once told me that a person that jumps or is pushed out a building, their heart stops from freight because they know death is inevitable? I don’t really know if that is true or not, but it is a tragic thought and I prayed when those people in 9/11 that made the difficult decision to jump. I think I would have jumped too had I been there, rather than burn to death or eventually have the building collapse on me, but who am I to say what me or anyone else would have done in that situation… we just cannot comprehend what was going through those poor people’s minds trapped on the floors above the impact points!


This is different from skydiving. In skydiving, you know that you will most likely not die. When you’re jumping from a tall office building, however, you black out because your blood pressure shoots down quickly.


I have read a lot of different things on this topic. I have read that they have a heart attack from the fact that they know they are going to die, so most were already dead or hardly living before they hit the ground.
I have also read that they lose consciousness, like you said. I don’t think it’s so much just from jumping that causes them to lose consciousness, it’s from the fact that they know their life is only going to last for a few more seconds.
9-11-01 was a horrible day. Yesterday in history class we watched the only footage from inside the North tower when it collapsed. The footage was of firemen trying to escape from the building, which they did not successfully do.
While watching the video, you could literally hear the bodies hitting the ground, and that part will haunt me for the rest of my life. Me, and many others in my class had tears running down our face by the end of it. Have a nice day, and god bless.

Cindi M. Lane

I was hoping rather desperately that those poor people who had to jump indeed lost consciousness before they hit the ground, but I am now full of doubt after reading the above. Thank you, though, for the information, and yes, God Bless.


I realy feel for these people that jumped or fell out of those buildings. I cannot imagine trying to make the choice or whatever they did. I cannot imagine falling from a building at a high rate of speed and hitting the pavement and being shattered to pieces. I am so saddened that this happened.

fanie heyns

this is an very interesting question ,thus my reply they say some people died before landing because of a switch in your brain that kick into self protect mode preparing for the inevitable , but how interesting is that switch ? its not because of lack of oxygen its fear.


No they wouldn’t lose consciousness however the impact itself would’ve been so fast and drastic that the brain wouldn’t even be able to send pain signals throughout the body before the person were dead


No, jumping out of an office building will not make you lose consciousness. If you bailed out of a jet at 40,000 feet without an oxygen mask, you’d probably lose consciousness, but not from an office building.


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